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3 reasons why every runner should start Yoga ASAP


We know, you love running and you probably don’t feel the need to add anything else to your fitness routine.

However, the thing experts have started to suggest hasn’t much to do with your love for running rather than it has to do with the way you enjoy and perform this type of physical activity.

You see, several studies have shown how beneficial yoga can be when performed alone and also, when accompanied by other activities such as swimming, running, and weight lifting among others.

Yoga acts like a balancer, a routine that can help you both mentally and physically to better handle different physical challenges. It can also bring a set of other benefits related to your posture, muscle relaxation, bones, and breathing techniques.

Let’s find out the main benefits Yoga can bring to your favorite workout routine:

 It will help you gain more stability

Everybody knows Yoga “obligates” its performers to move their body in different challenging and demanding positions while keeping themselves balanced from one point to another.

This means it can strongly increase your muscle efficiency and your stability and strength while running. For example, whenever you perform the Warrior II pose, it means you will have to bend your knees and try to keep your pelvises as stable as possible, increasing their efficiency while running as well.

It keeps you going

Yoga is a great mind-body negotiator and it certainly helps your mental health stay in shape.

Since it works on making you more focused and aware of your challenges, surroundings, and capacities, it won’t let you give up so easily but instead, a yoga-trained mind is more capable in seeking a solution to whatever life thoughts at you.

This means, in your next race, you will certainly be more mentally prepared than your competitors who don’t see Yoga as a great coach that is able to help them deal with tough situations.

You will learn to resist more while breathing properly

One of the main benefits Yoga can bring has to do with breathing techniques. People know that in a certain way, their breath works as their inner GPS that helps them better plan the next move, its pace, and the amount of effort needed to handle a certain move.

Well, when it comes to breathing, yoga can help you better control it so your body can save as much energy as it can, at least enough to send you at the finish line.

If you don’t learn how to talk to your body through breathing, it won’t be able to detect whether you’re running from someone who is trying to hurt you or just for fun.

Breathing can help your body save a lot of energy so you don’t end up exhausted whenever you’re running from “nobody”.