North Dakoda man mistakenly runs Full Marathon despite signing for a Half one


If you’re a runner we’re pretty sure you’ve been in a similar situation where you strongly believe that you can push yourself go further feeling like the tiredness and exhaustion are fading away with each passing minute.

Well, this is exactly what this Fargo man felt when running a full marathon despite only preparing himself for a half marathon and most importantly, believing he had signed to run half of the distance he actually ended up completing without even knowing.

It was Mike Kohler, a 26-year old man who works as a full time plumber and pipefitter the one who mistakenly ran a full-length marathon.

For Kohler, Saturday’s day was supposed to be his first time ever to run a half-marathon and that is why he signed up and lined at the start of Saturday’s Sanford Fargo Marathon ready to fulfill his goal.

However, he mistakenly lined up with thousands of runners who were there to run a full marathon instead of waiting about half an hour later until the runners who were supposed to run half a marathon to line up.

Apparently Kohler wasn’t listening to the starting announcements because he was wearing headphones.

“When they said ‘go,’ I went,” he said when asked about that day.

The only time during the run when Kohler started to realize his mistake was when he saw course markings saying “full marathon only.”

He eventually finished the race in a time of 5:54.26, but ironically, he only received a half-marathon runner medal since that was what he had signed up for.

“This just kind of proves you can do a lot more than what you think you can sometimes,” Kohler added.

Latest Research Confirms It: Running Makes You Happier!!


According to a latest research conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University, people who use running as their main physical activity are happier than the rest of us!

And not only that, but they tend to be more confident, healthy, and are able to make friends more easily than an average person.

The researchers of the study gathered the data from more than 8,000 participants who were asked different questions regarding their health and wellbeing in general and the way they incorporate running on their daily schedule.

The main intention of the study was to provide a better understanding on how running affects ones general wellbeing while using the Oxford Happiness Scale.

The thing that made the whole difference was the fact that all runners who participated in the study, were able to score 4.4 on the Oxford’s scale which is well beyond the average score of 4 in normal people.

Almost 90% of the runners admitted to feeling happier and as well as feeling mentally healthy and more beautiful compared to the ones who doesn’t run or incorporate themselves in something similar.

Dr. Emmaunuelle Tulle, Sociology reader at Glasgow Caledonian University claimed that running is definitely able to make someone feel like having achieved something worthy.

“Running adds to a general sense of wellbeing, you feel good and it helps boost your self-confidence. The combination of attending Parkrun and being able to track your progress on Strava makes runners feel as if they are not on their own, it enables them to see the point of running. They are much more likely to maintain regular exercise as a result and reap the benefits,” he added.

“There is a combination of competitiveness and togetherness, which is extremely beneficial.”

Woman drives into Half-Marathon, leaves Runners Shocked


Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon didn’t go as smooth as its participants wanted it to; instead, competitors and fans witnessed an unusual development while in the middle of the race.

Apparently, a woman, who claimed to be uninformed about the major event which was taking place in the area, decided to drive through the competitors and leave them speechless and shocked at the same time while trying to find a way to continue running.

Fortunately, the driver was caught on camera for the police to further investigate her case.

On the video footage, we can clearly see several runners who appear to be furious about the woman’s irresponsible action and one spectator who tries to stop her from entering the main road which was fully booked for the half marathon participants.

The woman is even heard saying that she is “going very slowly” as if her action was okay to be done as long as she didn’t speed up and risk the participants’ lives.

It was only when the Plymouth City council officials saw what was happening when they immediately stopped the car and explained the woman that what she was doing was extremely dangerous and disrespectful to everyone there.

Many of the participants took the bizarre event to Twitter saying that “she should have her license taken away, she’s not fit to be driving,” claiming that they were “shocked she thought she could justify her stupidity.”

However, despite the event, runners were able to complete the half marathon successfully with Ben Neale being the race winner crossing the line in only 1.13.12.

Boston Marathon: Registration date for 2019 is now public!


The 123rd Boston Marathon is set to be held on Monday, 15th of April in Massachusetts and it will be sponsored by John Hancock,  just like it has for the past 34 years.

The 2019 Boston Marathon registration process will be held entirely online at the official website

In order to qualify for the Marathon, every athlete must meet all the required standards related to their age and gender.

“Each year, the devotion, determination, and commitment by those aiming to participate in the Boston Marathon is truly inspiring. As the oldest consecutively run marathon in the world, we are grateful that so many athletes aim to achieve their athletic goals on the roads from Hopkinton to Boston,” Tom Grilk, B.A.A. Chief Executive Officer said.

“Each year we add a page to the Boston Marathon’s storied history thanks to the many participants from around the world.”

Boston Marathon Official Registration Dates

September 10, 10:00 a.m. ET: Qualifiers who have met the standard by 20 min, 00 sec or more.

September 12, 10:00 a.m. ET: Qualifiers who have met the standard by 10 min, 00 sec or more

September 14, 10:00 a.m.: Qualifiers who have met the standard by 5 min, 00 sec or more

September 15, 10:00 p.m. ET: The first week of registration ends

September 17. 10:00 a.m. ET: All qualifiers who have met the standard will be able to submit an entry.

September 19, 5:00 p.m. ET: Second registration week ends

Keep in mind that the qualifiers, who have submitted their registration faster, despite gender and age, will be able to enter the race as space allows.

Things to remember about next year’s Boston Marathon

The 2019 Boston Marathon is set to take place on Monday, April 15, 2019, aka Patriots’ Day.

The location: Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The basic qualifying standards for Boston Marathon remain the same as every year.

Jordan Hasay to become part of this season’s Chicago Marathon


Jordan Hasay has officially confirmed her participation in this year’s Chicago Marathon which is set to take place on October 7.

The Bank of America made the news public earlier today claiming that Hasay, 26, would be part of their participant’s list in this year’s 41st annual event after claiming third place at last year’s Chicago-based Marathon.

“I’m thrilled to be coming back to Chicago. My goal is to target a fast time and contend for the win,” Hasay said in a press release a few hours ago.

She was able to tackle for the first time ever in the event the fastest marathon debut by an American woman clocking 2:23:00.

Hasay, Nike Oregon Project’s girl, will run alongside teammate Galen Rupp, aka the men’s division winner in 2017’s Chicago Marathon.

“Galen won in a decisive move last year and just dominated a talented men’s field,” Carey Pinkowski, Executive Race Director said.

“Jordan ran with pure guts and she was rewarded with a podium finish and the fastest American time ever run on Chicago’s course. She has found her distance with the marathon.”

According to an official statement conducted by the Boston Athletic Association’s sponsor John Hancock a month ago, Hasay endured a stress reaction in the beginning of this season as her main, real reason behind her withdrawl.

“After recovering from plantar fasciitis, and running pain free the past few weeks, her team wanted to ensure she was ready to go and scheduled an MRI today,” the press release wrote.

“The results showed a stress reaction in the heel and her doctor and team have made the decision that Jordan needs to take time to recover fully so there is no long term injury.”

United States to welcome its largest Half Marathon this Saturday!


This Saturday is reserved for the largest Half Marathon in the United States and everyone is getting super exited to also witness an extraordinary large number of runners who have decided to become part of 2018’s Popular Brooklyn-based Half Marathon.

This season race organizers said there will be more than 27,500 runners who are set to show up on the big day on May 19 with the first wave of runners starting at 7 a.m.

The Half Marathon is set to start in front of the Brooklyn Museum and finish on the boardwalk of Coney Island.

2015: Brooklyn Half finish line

The event will lead runners through some of the most popular locations of Brooklyn while they run for the $1,000 worth first place prize that will be awarded to both, the first-place male and female finisher.

The Half Marathon will see several personalities in the sporting word as well as other celebrities.

Olympian half-marathon record holder Deena Kastor is expected to be among the competitors along with other celebrities including former NFL man Tiki Barber and Cynthia Erivo.

The Saturday’s event will also welcome around 1,000 kids from 8 years of age to 18 as representatives of the Rising New York Road Runners whose route will be shorter, 1 mile along the Coney Island boardwalk.

“It will be an inspirational day for all generations throughout the Brooklyn community,” Michael Capiraso, President and CEO of New York Road Runners, said in a press release.

Runner’s Diary: Probiotics vs Prebiotics


Probiotics are also known to be the good, aka health-promoting bacteria which are mostly found in different fermented food products such as kimchi, yogurt, and kombucha among others.

Probiotics are also found in our guts which are constantly trying to balance our bacteria towards the good ones.

They do that by fighting the bad bacteria and preventing them from overpowering our system and then causing different gastronomical symptoms, infections, and inflammation, all linked to diarrhea and the famous syndrome known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

On the other hand, Prebiotics aren’t considered to be living organisms but instead, they are fermentable fibers that our system is unable to properly digest.

Since these fibers are almost impossible for our stomachs to digest alone, the probiotics we consume come into action and ferment them into short-chain fatty acids. These acids are the ones that then provide us with all the good benefits.

Incorporating probiotics and prebiotics into your diet

There is no doubt that both of these elements are great for your health, however, if you’re like most of us, you probably don’t know how to properly incorporate them into your daily meal plan.

You should keep in mind that when it comes to the first element, probiotics, the most natural sources are yogurt and kimchi. Experts suggest going for these options instead of supplements.

Probiotic-friendly foods

The main reason it’s because the probiotics in supplements, since they have nothing to eat and stay alive, they will eventually die and by the time you get to take the supplement, you’re practically taking zero of these good bacteria.

On the other hand, when taken directly from food sources, these bacteria are constantly feeding themselves with other nutrients a certain food contains such as carbs and sugars, and by the time you eat the products, they are strong and ready to start working on your system.

What about prebiotics?

Prebiotic-friendly foods

Just like probiotics, prebiotics should also be consumed through natural food and not through supplements.

Luckily, thanks to their high fiber content, onions, garlics, beans, and chicory roots among others, are a great source of prebiotics and you can find them almost everywhere.

Oats, legumes, and green bananas are also a great way to take these fibers.

Pregnant runners: Why it’s super cool to run during summer


Almost every pregnant mom-to-be has thought at least one time whether she should go out for a run, especially when it’s burning hot.

Since pregnant women are fully aware that their physical condition is not the same anymore, and being extra cautious when it comes to what you should consume and do, is a must, running might seem like a tough, challenging, and muscle-breaking activity which translates into a big no-no for pregnant women.

In reality, things don’t need to be so black and white. According to a recent study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, running during hot summer days doesn’t necessarily translates into a bad thing, quite the opposite in fact.

Even though going out for a run during peak temperatures isn’t the best thing you can do, choosing another time during the day when temperatures tend to be lower, is always the smartest choice. Running has tons of benefits and if you love doing it, you should.

What studies have to say

Now a long time ago, an international team of researchers decided to conduct a systematic review of different studies related to pregnant women and their core temperature.

After carefully examining the data, they came up with the conclusion that pregnant women can in fact continue to exercise in a more safely manner for even up to 35 minutes a day at around 85 percent max heart rate in 75 degrees F.

In other words, the results indicate that pregnant women are free to go for a run, and for a pretty intense one as well, in a normal summer day. However, that doesn’t mean that every woman should hit the road.

It all depends on the way running makes you feel and the type of pregnancy you might be experiencing.

“There are some people who should not exercise during pregnancy. Higher-risk people: anyone with significant lung disease, or any heart disease that’s valve-related and would increase the risk of heart attack. Anyone at risk of pre-term labor,” Lia Wrenn, M.D., a gynecologist at Affiliates in Ob/Gyn in Burlington, Vermont, said during an interview for Runner’s World.

Experts suggest that if you experience any of the below-mentioned symptoms while running, you should stop exercising and call your doctor immediately:

  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Amniotic fluid leakage
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Regular painful contractions

3 reasons why every runner should start Yoga ASAP


We know, you love running and you probably don’t feel the need to add anything else to your fitness routine.

However, the thing experts have started to suggest hasn’t much to do with your love for running rather than it has to do with the way you enjoy and perform this type of physical activity.

You see, several studies have shown how beneficial yoga can be when performed alone and also, when accompanied by other activities such as swimming, running, and weight lifting among others.

Yoga acts like a balancer, a routine that can help you both mentally and physically to better handle different physical challenges. It can also bring a set of other benefits related to your posture, muscle relaxation, bones, and breathing techniques.

Let’s find out the main benefits Yoga can bring to your favorite workout routine:

 It will help you gain more stability

Everybody knows Yoga “obligates” its performers to move their body in different challenging and demanding positions while keeping themselves balanced from one point to another.

This means it can strongly increase your muscle efficiency and your stability and strength while running. For example, whenever you perform the Warrior II pose, it means you will have to bend your knees and try to keep your pelvises as stable as possible, increasing their efficiency while running as well.

It keeps you going

Yoga is a great mind-body negotiator and it certainly helps your mental health stay in shape.

Since it works on making you more focused and aware of your challenges, surroundings, and capacities, it won’t let you give up so easily but instead, a yoga-trained mind is more capable in seeking a solution to whatever life thoughts at you.

This means, in your next race, you will certainly be more mentally prepared than your competitors who don’t see Yoga as a great coach that is able to help them deal with tough situations.

You will learn to resist more while breathing properly

One of the main benefits Yoga can bring has to do with breathing techniques. People know that in a certain way, their breath works as their inner GPS that helps them better plan the next move, its pace, and the amount of effort needed to handle a certain move.

Well, when it comes to breathing, yoga can help you better control it so your body can save as much energy as it can, at least enough to send you at the finish line.

If you don’t learn how to talk to your body through breathing, it won’t be able to detect whether you’re running from someone who is trying to hurt you or just for fun.

Breathing can help your body save a lot of energy so you don’t end up exhausted whenever you’re running from “nobody”.

Fitness Apps make NO difference to one’s health, study finds


Researchers have been studying different fitness-related apps for a while now and the recent discovery indicated that almost not a single app has proven to be beneficial for users’ health.

Experts suggest that almost every one of them failed miserably to deliver any type of improvement or in some cases, made the problem even worse.

The researchers from the Bond University in Queensland, after examining more than 250,000 fitness, diet, and weight loss apps available, came to a shocking conclusion.

They found out that, after choosing some of them to investigate their benefits in a more long-term way, almost none of them proved to bring any real benefit.

“However, the overall evidence of effectiveness was of very low quality, which hinders the prescribability of those apps,” the research that was published in the international journal Nature a few days ago, found.

“Our recommendations for improving the quality of evidence and reducing research waste and potential harm in this nascent field includes encouraging app effectiveness testing prior to release, designing less biased trials, and conducting better reviews.”

According to the lead author of this study, Dr Oyuka Byambasuren, any app that strongly claims that it can improve one’s help, should automatically bring enough evidence to back the claim up.

There have been also several time so far that different US-based app developers have been fined for large sums of money for making false claims about their app’s health benefits.

“The evidence for many apps is low but I still believe apps have potential to change health-related behaviours and help people with chronic conditions,” Byambasuren added.

“But evidence is a must. And the truth is it’s just really hard to change human behaviour and health-related behaviours. No matter how many apps you download, they only work if you change your behaviour.”