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Global Running Day: Auckland, the first location to start the series

The International Association of Athletics Federations has just announced the “Run 24:1”. The said event is a brand new series of one-mile long runs that will take place in 24 cities all around the world with the main intention to celebrate the Global Running Day.

The first inaugural run will kick off in Auckland on June 6 at 5am. Right after that, the celebration will head to Sydney, followed by Tokyo and then move to Minsk, Europe and in Addis Ababa in Africa.

The global event is expected to unite thousands of runners into one big, running event which also aims to spread awareness and make more people get involve in the sport.


The IAAF is partnering with several city governments, event organizers and sport ministries all around the world in order for the international running initiative to go as smoothly as possible.

The races are divided across 15 different time zones and each one of them is set to start at the exact local time in order to create the perfect, simultaneous International running celebration.

“Running is accessible to everyone, it is fun, it is competitive. It can be social, it can be solitary. It is testing, it is personal but most of all it builds strength, stamina, fitness and health. It is the mother of all sports,” IAAF President Sebastian Coe, said.

“On Wednesday 6th of June, we want as many people as possible to celebrate Global Running Day the biggest annual celebration of running.”