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Here’s what running can do to your health backed by science itself



We’re sure you have heard at least once in your life how running is a true medicine. Well, it’s not just a simple expression, it the reality!  There already exists tons of scientific evidence that back this expression and also can convince us how important and life-changing running can be.

Some of the most evident benefits one can get from running include prevention type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, lower high blood pressure, prevention of several types of cancers and stroke among others.

Another area running has proven to be quite beneficial has to do with your mental health. This cardio activity helps regulate our overall mood and makes us happier.

Running has the potential to make us fit

Well, the first benefit is quite obvious right? People all over the world use running as a great, effective tool to shed some extra pounds and get back in shape.

Running has the potential to make us burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time due to its intense rhythm and overall body movements.

Several studies have also indicated that running boosts the “afterburn” effect, which indicates the calories burned after the workout is done.

Running can make us feel happier

There is nothing that can discuss the fact that any type of exercise, especially the ones similar to running, no matter your current mood, has the potential to put you in a better mental place with the help of the “runner’s high” effect.

This effect indicates the rush of happy hormones in our body.

Many studies have shown how even 30 minutes of slow-intense running can improve one’s mood even when the individual might be suffering from clinical depression.

Running reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases

We’re not claiming that running has the potential to cure cancer or similar diseases, but we’re completely convinced that it helps prevent them! And this is not just our honest opinion here. Science has been proving this as a true fact for a long time now.

The truth is, according to a study by Journal of Nutrition, proved that exercise, especially running, is directly associated with a reduced risk of many types of cancers.

Also, experts claim that running can significantly help people who are already suffering from cancer as well. This activity can help one better cope with chemotherapy and feel happier while undergoing the necessary treatments.