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3rd Annual Winslow Half Marathon and 5k Run...

  • 3rd Annual Winslow Half Marathon and 5k Run:- Run 13.1 Miles
Saturday, September 14, 2013
Start Time
8:00 AM
Entry Fee
Winslow Arkansas

The gently rolling hills and rolling country roads of Northwest Arkansas's Ozarks region are the setting for the third annual running of the Winslow Half Marathon & 5K Run, for a race that is set to take runners on an out-and-back tour of the hills just outside this tiny city that lies along the western edge of the Ozark National Forest. This year's race is scheduled for September 14th.

 Featuring a race start and finish that lie just a short drive from one another in downtown Winslow -- home to a few hundred residents, according to the most recent census -- the race is a fund raising effort by the Winslow Community Development Council and is also timed to coincide with the annual Winfest Music Festival, which has drawn musical acts both locally from Winslow and from around Arkansas since it was first staged back in 1982 and a Community Expo at the finish line in Peaks Park..

 Both the half marathon and the 5K race start at the Winslow Public Library on Highway 71, just off School Avenue. From there, runners in the 13.1-mile half marathon follow a route that winds westward along School Avenue and then turns south on Main Street and then west again on East Van Buren Avenue, which runners will remain on for the next couple of miles until the course makes a slight left turn onto Bunyard Road, just before passing the mile 2 marker.

 After making the turn onto Bunyard, runners then follow the route for nearly the next five miles as Bunyard first heads south and then curves around to head west in the direction of Interstate 540. Race organizers say that have planned the race route to be as flat as possible in what is a generally hilly part of the country, and while runners can expect some rolling hills along Bunyard, the elevation changes are never dramatic and usually involve only small uphills and downhills.

 The half marathon turnaround point lies between the mile 6 and mile 7 markers on Bunyard Road, and there runners make the turn and retrace their steps along the route they've just run all the way back to Winslow. The course turns left onto Center Street before bringing runners all the way back along Van Buren, to take runners up toward the finish line at the Winslow City Hall, which lies inside the Frisco Loop. The half marathon is open to walkers as well as runners, provided they can finish the course within the event's three-hour time limit.

For more information visit www.winslowrun.com or contact John Ford at [email protected] 214 394 1475


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