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Memorial Day Trail Race

  • Memorial Day 6 Mile Trail Run:- One 6 Mile Loop
  • Memorial Day 12 Mile Trail Run:- Two 6 Mile loops
Saturday, May 25, 2013
Start Time
8:00 AM
Entry Fee
$35 for 6 mile
$40 for 12 mile race
Red Bud Pavilion, Oak Mountain State Park
200 Terrance Drive

3rd of 7 races as part of the Southeaster Trail Run Series.
The course will be on a 6 mile loop climbing to the top of Double Oak Mountain.  The 12 mile race will be two loops of the course.  This race was originally planned to be a 7 and 14 mile race but  the planned course is significantly more difficult than the previous race courses so I decided 6 and 12 miles was enough.  There will be only one aid station at the start and finish.  Runners MUST carry enough water to run 6 miles.
Course Info
The race route will follow the same route as the Tranquility Run course for about 1.5 miles before turning onto the White trail for the long climb up the Shackleford Point.  Runners will then stay on the White Trail to the Yellow - White Connector trail back down the mountain until it connects with the Yellow trail to return to start/finish.  The course is a 6 mile loop.  Originally this race was planned to be 7 and 14 miles but the course is much more difficult than any previous race we decided 6 mile loops were enough.  Arrive ready for some hills. The climb up the White Trail to Shackleford Point is a 514 ft climb.  The descent from the White Trail to the Yellow Trail (Yellow-White Connector) is 710 ft.

Oak Mountain State Park, Fees and Directions:  The park charges $ 3.00 per person to enter the park.  Please bring cash.  Friday afternoon the North entrance off Hwy 119 will be open.  Saturday morning everyone must enter at the South Entrance from Oak Mountain Park Road near Interstate 65.  (The North Entrance does not open until 7:00AM.)  To reach the South Entrance, exit I 65 at Hwy 119 (exit 246) and head east.  (If you are coming in from the north, (Birmingham or I 459,) turn right.  If you are coming from the south (Montgomery), turn left.)  About 200 ft past the interstate you will turn left at the light.  This is State Park Road.  In 1.5 miles it crosses back under the interstate and in another 0.4 mile comes to a stop sign.  Turn left into the park and continue to the fee booth.  (Saturday morning there may be a gate half way across the road with a stop sign on it.  Please go around the gate to the booth.  The guard will allow you to enter.)


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