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Birmingham 3 Day Stage Race 9/27 - 9/29

  • Stage-1: Ruffner Mountain:- 9/27/2013: 16 Miles: Two 8 mile laps
  • Stage-2: Red Mountain:- 9/28/2013: 15 Miles: Two 7.5 mile laps
  • Stage-3: Oak Mountain State Park:- 9/29/2013: 20 Miles
Friday, September 27, 2013
Start Time
8:00 AM
Entry Fee
$35 One Stage, $70 Two Stages, $90 Three Stages
Ruffner Mountain Nature Center
81st Street South


Stage 1, Ruffner Mountain:  Friday, September 27th. at the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center on 81st. Street South.  The directions are from the intersection of I-459 and I-65.   The race will begin at 8:00 AM and the first stage will be 16 miles.  Two laps of the 8 mile course.  This stage is very difficult, despite the small size of the Mountain.  The trails are rugged and very rocky. 
Stage 2, Red Mountain: Saturday, September 28th. at Red Mountain Park.  The parking area adjacent to the Start/Finish.  The directions are from the intersection of I-459 and I-65.  The race will start at 8:00 AM at the Visitor's center at 277 Lyon Lane, Birmingham, Alabama 35211.  The second stage will be two laps of the 7.5 mile course for a total of 15 miles.  Red Mountain is very nice course with gentle hills and very runnable trails.  Virtually no technical terrain.
Stage 3, Oak Mountain State Park, Sunday, September 29th. at Oak Mountain State Park, Starting area at the Redbud Pavilion.  The directions are from the intersection of I-65 and I459.  The race will start at 8:00 AM at the Tranquility Road park area near the BMX track, below the spillway of Tranquility Lake.  The final stage will be about 20 miles.
Course Info
Stage 1 - Ruffner Mountain -  Although Ruffner mountain is only about 400 feet above the surrounding terrain, it is a very rugged hill.  The trails are steep and rocky and in some places quite technical.  The race course is approximately 8 miles long so the first stage will be two laps of the course. Runners will return to the start/finish area aid station before heading out for the second lap.  A water only, unmanned aid station will be located at approximately mile 4 and 12, however, runners should carry enough water to complete the 8 mile loop just in case.  This stage will be harder than the elevation profile suggests.  You may be amazed at the color of the soil and rocks on Ruffner.  It is "RED."  Your shoes will also be red at the end of the race.
Stage 2 - Red Mountain Park -  Red Mountain has very runnable trails with minimal elevation gain.  Part of the route follows old railroad beds and are relatively flat.  Most trails are very well maintained although there are a lot of roots.  The temptation will be to run this stage hard.  Remember, the Oak Mountain stage will be the toughest.  The Red Mountain stage will also two laps of the park.

Stage 3 -  Oak Mountain State Park - This stage will be the longest and hardest of the three stages.  Double Oak Mountain is almost 600 feet tall and, like Ruffner, is a very rugged mountain.  There are several steep climbs and depending on the weather, there may also be several creek crossings.  The race will be divided into two segments.  The first part will circle the northeast end of the park before returning to he Start/Finish area.  Runners will then head southwest to the other end of Double Oak Mountain before returning to the finish. 
Map to the Race Start.

STAGE-1:  (From Downtown Birmingham) Follow I-20, east, to exit 132 B (Montevallo Rd) toward US Hwy 78. (North).  Turn left on Montevallo Rd.  Go about 0.5 miles to 16st. Street, South and turn Left.  Go under the railroad bridges and straight through two stop signs.  You will see the ball parks on your right.  From I-459, take I-20 West toward downtown Birmingham.  Exit I-20 at exit 132 for Montevallo Rd toward Hwy 78.  Turn Right on Montevallo Road and to about 0.5 miles to 16st. Street, South and turn Left.  Go under the railroad bridges and straight through two stop signs.  You will see the ball parks on your right

STAGE-2:  Red Mountain Park:  277 Lyon Ln  Birmingham, AL 35211:  Located just minutes from the heart of Downtown Birmingham, Ruffner Mountain has easy access from north, south, east or west from the interconnecting interstate system. From Interstate I-59, North or South bound, take Exit #132 at First Avenue North. At the end of the exit ramp, bear to the right onto 1st
Ave. Go to the first traffic light at 83rd Street and take a right. Continue onto Rugby.  Turn left at 81st Street South.  Ruffner is located at the end of the street. 

Oak Mountain State Park, Fees and Directions:  The park charges $ 3.00 per person to enter the park.  Please bring cash.  Friday afternoon the North entrance off Hwy 119 will be open.  Saturday morning everyone must enter at the South Entrance from Oak Mountain Park Road near Interstate 65.  (The North Entrance does not open until 7:00AM.)  To reach the South Entrance, exit I 65 at Hwy 119 (exit 246) and head east.  (If you are coming in from the north, (Birmingham or I 459,) turn right.  If you are coming from the south (Montgomery), turn left.)  About 200 ft past the interstate you will turn left at the light.  This is State Park Road.  In 1.5 miles it crosses back under the interstate and in another 0.4 mile comes to a stop sign.  Turn left into the park and continue to the fee booth.  (Saturday morning there may be a gate half way across the road with a stop sign on it.  Please go around the gate to the booth.  The guard will allow you to enter.)
Other Info
The Birmingham 3 Mountain Stage race will be held on three mountains in Birmingham. The first stage will be at Ruffner Mountain, the second stage at Red Mountain Park and the Final Stage at Oak Mountain State Park.  The three mountains are within a 15 minute drive from the Thursday afternoon Package Pickup on Highway 280 at Mountain High Outfitters.
The Stage Race will be held over three consecutive days and will equal 50 total miles. The races will be very Demanding.   All three stages will be primarily on single track trails and some of these trails are very technical.  Stages one and three will have some very steep climbing.  This race will not be a "walk in the park."  Some of the trails used at Oak Mountain have never been used in a race.  

RUFFNER MOUNTAIN NATURE CENTER WEB LINK:  http://www.ruffnermountain.org/
RED MOUNTAIN PARK  WEB LINK:  http://www.redmountainpark.org/
OAK MOUNTAIN STATE PARK WEB LINK:  http://www.alapark.com/oakmountain/

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