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The Lake Powell Half Marathon

  • The Lake Powell Half Marathon:- Run 13.1 Miles
Saturday, October 19, 2013
Start Time
6:00 AM
Entry Fee
John C Page Park
Navajo Dr & Lake Powell Blvd
The Inaugural Lake Powell Half Marathon is scheduled for October 19, 2013.
Course Info
The course starts near Page Park in Page Arizona. The first three miles are largely in residential with a few fantastic views near the small airport. This things get awesome. The course turns into a single track trail for a mile and a half providing runners incredible views of the lake and surrounding areas. The course then drops down to the highway where you run across the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge that runs 800 feet above the Colorado River on the canyon floor. After a slight incline runners turn down Lake Shore drive which allows full panoramic views of the lake and Wahweap marina. A short turn towards the Lake Powell resort hotel and runners get onto a running path that runs along the lake and finishes at State Line marina. After your run, you can take a short walk down the boat and a swim in the surprisingly warm lake. This is a fast course that loses 600 feet from start to finish with only a 150 foot gain along the course.
Other Info

Here are 10 things(we all like lists right?) you might want to know about the race before you register tomorrow.

1. We have the best refund policy in the world.

2. This is a cupless race.

3. This is going to be a mostly open course. That means cars will be present along with runners.

4. There is a 1.5 mile section of trail on this course, and it is beautiful.

5. We are capping the race participants at 750 people. Its our inaugural year so we want to make sure we give you a really quality experience.

6. Race starts at 7:00am Utah time. The race happens right on the border and Arizona is one of two states that does not do daylight savings. So for half the year Arizona is on California time and the other half its on Utah time. If you show up at 6:00am Arizona time, youll have an hour to wait until the race starts :)

7. We will have an official race hike, but we arent sure what it will be yet. If you participate in the race hike, you get 50% off registration for next year and your picture on the web forever.

8. The shuttle situation is unclear at this point. We are not sure we will be able to offer a free shuttle to get you back to the starting line from the finish line. We want do, but Page is pretty remote so there arent a lot of shuttle options. We will keep you posted as we develop a plan here.

9. The average water temperature at Lake Powell in October is 70 degrees. Its about the same as June. Its amazing.

10. This is going to be an Epic race.


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