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2014 Park2Park Relay

  • 2014 Park2Park Relay:- 45-mile race for teams of 2 to 12 runners
Saturday, June 14, 2014
Start Time
6:00 AM
Sodalis Nature Park - Plainfield Indiana
7700 S. County Road 975 East

The Park2Park Relay is one of the most dynamic races in Indiana!  Teams of 2 to 12 runners (you decide how many!) run through parks, towns and along the countryside, from one corner of the county to the other.  It's not all about endurance, it's a combination of running stamina, strategy, and teamwork!  The Park2Park relay can be completed by runners of all skill levels and one thing is assured.  You'll feel accomplished when your team crosses the finishline!

Course Info

The Park2Park Relay is a 45-mile relay race that starts at Sodalis Nature Park, near Plainfield.  Teams of up to four compete in a relay race through parks, towns, and across the countryside, to the finish line at McCloud Nature Park near the town of North Salem. Runners of all skill levels can complete the challenging race.  
The course is divided into 12-'legs' and the recommended team size is four competitors; that means each runner will run 3-legs, for an approximate total of 11 total miles.  Fewer team members means more running.  You can add team members for up to 12-person teams but any more than 4-members makes the team ineligible for division awards. (but it doesn't take away the sense of accomplishment for completing the race!)

What's Returning from Last Year:

  • The same awesome 45-mile course that takes teams through parks, towns, and across the countryside
  • Snazzy shirts (nah, not the baggy tech shirts that are too common at races, but the 'soft' cotton ones runners raved about last year!)
  • The cheerful, enthusiastic exchange volunteers who cheer on teams
  • FREE after-race dinner

What's New in 2014:

We have a lot of new developments! 
  • Runners will be awarded a new, custom designed medal in 2014 (images will be posted in the future)
  • Additional food options will be available at the after-race dinner
  • ***Sunday Bar at the finish line!!!*** Yes, you've run a long way in the summer sun and at the finish area we'll have a decked-out Sundae Bar for runners to cool off in a sweet way!
  • No Captain's Meeting.  That's right, you can go to bed early the night before!  We'll be distributing an electronic race packet the week prior, leaving lots of time for Q&A before the race!

Hendricks County is located immediately west of Indianapolis.  The start of the race will be in Plainfield, which is easily accessible from I-70 (Plainfield exit 66 which is SR 267, only 7-miles west of the I-465 interchange).  Plainfield is also located just minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport.  

2012 Results at: park2park.org


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