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The Lt. Governor's 2-Mile Fisheries Fun Run/Walk

  • Fisheries Fun Run/Walk:- Run 2 Miles
Sunday, October 3, 2010
Start Time
4:30 PM
Entry Fee
Downtown Baton Rouge - Capitol Annex Building
1051 N. Third St.
Baton Rouge
(225) 342-8110

The Office of the Lieutenant Governor invites you to join our fundraising efforts for the Fisheries Fun Run/Walk located in downtown Baton Rouge on Sunday, October 3, 2010. For this event, we have partnered with the 7th largest international charity, Operation Blessing International, to raise money for Gulf Coast fishermen and their families. 100% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the soft-shell crab shedding project established by Operation Blessing International in partnership with the LSU AgCenter/Louisiana Sea Grant Program and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board.


Many fishermen who have spent a lifetime making their living off of the Gulf waters are still struggling to maintain a reasonable income in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The recent Gulf oil spill has made financial circumstances even worse for these families. Our partnership with Operation Blessing International will provide crab fisherman with soft-shell crab shedding systems so they can sell more in-demand soft-shell crabs, which will result in an increase of income for these families.


These systems were designed to aid fisherman during Hurricane Katrina recovery and have again become necessary as many Gulf Coast waters are closed to fishing. Crab shedding systems allow fishermen to retain hard-shell crabs prior to shedding and serve as holding tanks until they shed and become soft-shell crabs, where they can be sold for more than twice as much. In order to create an aquatic environment where the shedding process can take place, a system is composed of a series of shallow tanks, piping, water pumps, and filters that enable water to circulate over the crabs until they shed their hard shells.


The financial benefit from the project will go a long way. One system can expect to yield approximately 600 dozen soft-shell crabs in one season, averaging 10-12 dozen per week. Not only will this increase each familys income by an estimated $14,000 annually, but the increase in availability of soft-shell crabs will benefit the restaurant industry as well by driving down prices. The crab shedding systems are manufactured in Westwego, LA, thus helping our local economy even further.


For the fishermen, the crab shedding systems will not only help with an initial increase in income, but will increase the ability to maintain a reasonable income in the long-run. Nearly 50 families applied to receive assistance through this project and initial available funding will only provide for 25. Over 20 families remain in need of assistance, and even more have yet to apply.

This will be a great opportunity to show support for our states fisherman, seafood, and the health of our local communities. Let us join together to rally for this important cause.

Course Info
  • The Fun Run starting and finishing point will be in front of the Capitol Annex Building at 1051 N. Third St.

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