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NorCal Tour de FIT Series 2016 - Part One

  • NorCal Tour de FIT PART ONE (February to July 2016):- Run 3.1 Miles
Saturday, July 9, 2016
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201­­6 NorCal Tour de FIT – Part One

Included events:

  • Davis Stampede (February 21)
  • Lucky Run (March 19)
  • Running of the Elk (April 3)
  • Capital City Classic (May 15)
  • Davis Moonlight Run (July 9)


  • Complete 3 or more Part One events* and receive the NorCal Tour de FIT medal
  • Complete 3 or more Part One events* and receive a custom piece for each completed race, which will fit on to the above medal. There is a space for each piece on the medal.
  • All puzzle pieces plus the medal will be distributed with the medal at the Moonlight Run.

Rules for Participation

  • Each person must register for the Tour to be eligible for incentives. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that their registration went through. A registered participant list is available online for one to double check.
  • The deadline to register is May 18. 
  • Athletes must register for the Tour under the same exact name as they use to register for the races. Failure to do so will mean that the computer will not match and recognize your finish and therefore not grant you credit. Incentives are ordered based on completed events.  Those using inconsistent names may not receive credit and therefore incentives will not be ordered on their behalf. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that the names used are the same. See below for examples of what not to do.
  • An event will be considered completed if a finish time is posted and it is a timed division. Kids fun runs are ineligible. If you DNF (abandon a race mid-course for medical reasons) you must have posted a start time and contact us by email within one week of the event indicating as such in order to receive credit for attending.
  • It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that a finish time is recorded for an event they complete. Results are posted immediately after the race. Updated Tour participation spreadsheets will also be posted. In the event of a timing omission, please e-mail us before May 18 to advise of the correction.
  • Virtually completing a race is not accepted, even if the athlete is registered for the event.
  • Sorry, no substitutions of other events if you miss a race.
  • The Davis Moonlight Run is required as one of the three events.
  • All prizes must be picked up at the Moonlight Run. 

Name Matching

Our software will match registered entrants for the Tour with timed finishers for each race.

Inconsistent names will not match. Obviously if your name changes (such as marriage) the computer will see that as two different people. Following are other examples of names which will not match:

  • Jen E Smith and Jen Smith
  • Robert Frank and Bob Frank
  • Jenn Smith and Jen Smith
  • Amy Smith-Roberts and Amy Smith Roberts
  • Maria Delarosa and Maria De larosa OR Maria De la Rosa
  • Suzanne Winters and Suzanne Winters Johnson


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