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Heroes vs. Villains 5k & Flag Gauntlet - Sunset Run/Walk 2016...

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Saturday, October 29, 2016
Corona High School's Panther Stadium
1154 Tenth Street

Come run or walk in the 3rd annual "FUNNEST 5K EVER!" 1 Mile race at 4PM and 5K race at 4:30PM. Register as a HERO or a VILLAIN to help prevent child trafficking and violent crime in Southern California. This event also helps victims of trafficking and violence. During the event heroes will run or walk through three gauntlet areas filled with villains ready to rip off their football flags. (Football flags and belt are provided before the race.)

Participants who survive with at least one flag will receive a HEROES MEDAL. Those who finish with no flags will receive a SURVIVORS MEDAL. Villains will only be able to walk quickly, but have a blast for 2 hours in their gauntlet areas! They will receive a VILLAINS MEDAL. This is not a timed race. It is a race of tactics, strategy and FUN! Go to www.heroes4victims.com to view the fun pictures from prior years and get more information.

All registrants will receive a medal in the 1 Mile or 5k events, while those 8 and older, who run in the 5K (NOT the mile), will receive a race t-shirt if registered by October 16th. Children ages 0 to 7 will be receiving smaller medals. This event helps fund several non-profit agencies and organizations whose services have been found to prevent sex trafficking and support families affected by violent crime.

And there’s a free EXPO for friends and family! Enter free drawing with great prizes for anyone who participates in the Expo activity before, during or after the race. Drawing after the race, time TBA.

Stats and Information on Child Trafficking and Domestic Violence in So Cal:

Southern California has the highest sex trafficking rate in the US with victims getting younger and younger. This means sex trafficking is really child trafficking. 65% of victims are US citizen, and gangs are making billions on them! Almost 100% of the victims come from homes with violence. 80% of pimps & gang members who participate in trafficking and violent crime also come from homes with violence.

Violence and threats of more violence are used to force victims into sex trafficking and keeps them there in a state of fear for self, friends and family. Both violence and traffiicking are linked to violence in the home. Passive victims of domestic violence are at a higher risk because they are easier to control, fool and manipulate, or they just aren’t used to being treated respectfully and don’t know they deserve better. Aggressive victims of domestic violence have been taught that it is ok to be disrespectful to others to get what they want. We need your help to get out there and push back against the sex trafficking epidemic and support families in the fight against violent crime! Help us to help local non-profits who are doing all they can to prevent, save and support victims.

Event details and schedule

Registration is online or at the race site starting at 2pm on race day. To receive a t-shirt, register on or before October 16th. Please sign online waiver. 1 Mile race is at 4pm. 5K race is at 4:30pm - 6pm. Please check in at registration at least one hour before. There will be a fun warm up activity 20 minutes before each race. Flag Villains show up at 3pm for training and placement. EXPO will be from 3pm - 6:30pm. The course and expo will be at Corona High School.  All information, rules, does and dont's are listed on the drop down menu under "Heroes vs. Villains" at www.heroes4victims.com. Bring $ for parking and expo. Parking will cost $5 per vehicle. Villians MUST wear a villain costume but heroes do not need to dress as a hero. Please email us at [email protected] for more information or call 951-206-8824.

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• 2016 race registration is open.

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