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Estrella Cactus 5K...

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
Saturday, May 27, 2017
Estrella Regional Park - Competitor Track
The race course is located behind PIR

Estrella Cactus 5K

The 5k run is held at the Estrella Mountain Hills, this trail has gorgeous mountains on the background and will challenge you from beginning to end. This is the last of three runs for the series. This course is the perfect place for new and experienced trail runners, to test their limits, but with your right running pace and determination you will rock the course.


About the series.

The Cactus Flower Trail Series Spring edition is held between March and June bringing you an opportunity to be out on the trail when the Arizona weather is a little bit warmer. The wonderful scenery you will see along each course will make up for the warm weather. We have three distances, 5k, 6k and 7k. Our Fall Series is the original Cactus Flower Trail Series, but due to public demand we added the Spring edition with a little bit of a twist. Make sure to join us on the Fall Series too!

Our Spring series has a bit of a spin from our original events. Participants will run the course backwards and start with the longer distance 7k, 6k then 5k. The Cactus Flower Spring edition is a bit more challenging than our Fall edition but every step you take on the trail is well worth it.

The first event is a 7k which is held at the White Tank Regional park. The Ironwood trail will lead you through one of the White Tank Mountains trails where the Hohokam Indians once walked. At the start it will be a flat clean course with some rocky natural trails, towards the end of the race will finish strong by having conquered the hill.

The second event is a 6k course at Estrella Mountain is the perfect course for those who don’t have enough time to be training on hills, but still want to be out on a nice running trail. Although the course is fairly flat it is still a challenging course with two miles of rolling hills.

The third and final series event is a 5k held at Estrella Mountain where the 5k run is held, this trail has gorgeous mountains on the background and will challenge you from beginning to end.

Series Information Details(All 6 runs)

Fee Schedule



6 Trail Runs
6 Custom event medals
2 Event t-shirts
   1 Short sleeve spring series
   1 Long sleeve fall series
1 Custom beanie
6 Online finisher certificates
6 Custom bib numbers
1 Custom medal display
1 Custom pair of knee high socks
1 Custom sticky notes pallet and two pencils
1 Custom yellow pad and two pens
1 Custom towel
1 Custom blanket

Spring Series Cactus Flower Trail (3 Races)

Fee Schedule



3 Custom event medals
1 Event short sleeve t-shirt
3 Online finisher certificates
3 Custom bib numbers
1 Pair of knee high socks
1 Custom sticky notes pallet and two pencils
1 Custom towel

Fall Series Cactus Flower Trail (3 runs)

Fee schedule


3 Custom finisher medals
1 Custom beanie
1 Custom long sleeve shirt
1 100 page custom yellow notepad and two pens
1 Custom blanket
3 Custom bib numbers
3 Online finisher certificate

Event details and schedule

Estrella Cactus 5K Event Schedule

5:30 am Registration opens
6:30 am 5K Starts
7:30 am Awards

Runner swag
1 Custom finisher medal
1 Custom event short sleeve shirt
1 Custom bib number
1 Online finisher certificate


** Estrella Mountain Park has a $6.00 fee per car please car pool and bring cash. (Cash only)

Other Info

• 2017 race registration is open.

Registration Information.

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