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Saturday, June 3, 2017
CrossFit CSG
1234 Broadway Ave
It's National Donut Day! Join us for our augural Donut Mile. This fun run will have athletes will eating a doughnut, running 400m, eating a donut for the total of 1 mile. All proceeds will go to the @TriColumbusGa Community Foundation which purchases equipment for PE programs in Georgia elementary schools.
$25 with a Tshirt
$10 without a Tshirt.
The Crossfit CSG and the Chattahoochee Triathlon Club have teamed up to bring you a day of donuts!
Tents , Donuts and refreshments will be set up at Crossfit CSG. Bring your chairs for a morning filled with some great fun. The area will be set up from 730 - 12pm so don't worry you will have plenty of time to chill and have a great time.
We encourage you to participate in at least 1 of the 3 mini events going on. Below are the descriptions.
Everything will start and finish at Crossfit CSG 1234 Broadway in the heart of Uptown Columbus.
Event 1:
The Donut Mile
Do you have the stomach to handle the dough and the mile. Here is where a 400 meter route is set up and you must eat 1 donut at the beginning of each 400.
This event will be $10 without Tshirt and $25 with a Tshirt.
Please see the Active link below to register for the run.
Event 2:
Crossfit CSG will offer a free WOD ( workout of the day).
The coaches will provide you with a challenging endurance style workout that will challenge your body but still let you walk away with the feeling of " Damn I deserve that Donut."
This will take place at the Box. At 930.
Though there is a fee for the 1 mile run.
Event 3:
The Chattahoochee Tri club is offering to provide 3 group ride opportunities
Meet up at Crossfit CSG. There is parking on 1st ave and the free parking garage on the same block. These rides will regroup based on the riders participating.
Route Options will be as follows.
7:30 airfield route
8am : Water tower route
8am : Oxbow meadows route
There will be a donation box set up for that that choose to donate. All the proceeds with go to the @tricolumbusaGA Community foundation which purchase equipment for PE programs in Georgia Elementary schools.
If you have any questions please contact Joanne Cogle and/or Jason Ball.

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