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Walter N. Levy Challenge...

  • Running: 10K Run
Sunday, October 1, 2017
Norwich University
158 Harmon Drive
Who was Walter N. Levy?

Walter N. Levy attended Norwich University, Class of 1963 and served as Marine Corps Second Lieutenant Infantry Officer who was killed in action on September 18th, 1965 in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam. The event in his honor will be held at scenic Norwich University, the  oldest private military college in the country on October 1st, 2017. This year marks the 52nd anniversary of Walter N. Levy making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, so please visit Norwich University and have a great time challenging yourself in the Levy Challenge!

What is the Levy Challenge?

Levy Challenge is a 10k endurance race that will challenge you mentally and physically. The event includes obstacles such as: The Marine Corps obstacle course, steep grade of Hill 488, Quang Nam mud crawl, Rock Pile ammo resupply mission, pull-up challenge, Hue City ruck run, and the Da Nang serpentine. You can run this race individually or as a 4-person team. Come challenge yourself at the oldest private military college in the United States and see if you have what it takes to conquer the Levy challenge.

Where do the proceeds go?

The proceeds go to the Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund is a charity that supports military members and their families from all branches who have been injured or have a life-threatening illness from post 9/11 combat. The sacrifice the men and women of our armed forces have made have inspired us to give back as much as possible. Learn more at https://semperfifund.org/

For those who wish to donate to the cause and support the Levy Challenge other than directly participating in the race, please send checks payable to the Semper Fi Society to:

The Semper Fidelis Society

Norwich University NROTC

158 Harmon Dr. 

Northfield, VT 05663

Event details and schedule

First wave leaves at 0930 Sunday

Packet Pickup: Sunday at 0800 and Saturday at 1830

Please make sure to bring a form of ID; waivers will be signed at Norwich University before the race. Wear clothing suitable for a 10k endurance race. Water will be offered at water stations throughout the course. Parking will be directed by road guards on campus.

Vets & Active Duty can register for $25.00 (cash only) with military ID at event table.



Racer will run from WCC Green towards Plumley Armory and continue on the sidewalk between Plumley Armory and Crawford Hall, crossing both roads and up the sidewalk leading to the Base of Paine Mountain.

Racer will be issued a flak jacket and a plastic M-16 Rifle at base of Paine.

Racer will climb over wooden A-shaped frame wall on base of Paine Mountain. The race may use the assisted step-ups if needed.

Racer will be running up the Red Trail until they reach the pull-up/dip bars and preform 10 of whichever exercise they choose.

Racer will be then run up the red trail further until reaching the paintball shack. Racer will be given a loaded paintball gun and shoot the instructed target three times. If racer fails to shoot the target three times accurately, racer will perform 10 pushups. If racer is in the group the other three racers will be doing pushups while one of the racers shoot.

Racer will continue running up the Red Trail of Paine Mountain until reaching the sit-up station. Racer will then perform 10 sit-ups.

Racer will continue up Paine Mountain to the Anchor. Racer will be briefed and quizzed on Walter N. Levy. Failure to answer a question wrong will result in 10 burpees.

Racer will make their way down Paine Mountain reaching the Chasm and perform duck walks until they reach the Mountain Cold Weather Climbing wall and then sprint back.

Racer will continue through the Quarry until they reach the box jumping station. Racer will then perform 10 box jumps.

Racer will then run back down Paine Mountain and drop off their rifle and flak jacket.

Racer will run back towards Plumley Armory the same way they came and down to Sabine field where they will see sets of ammo-cans. Racers will perform 20 ammo-can presses.

Racer will now bear crawl for 100m down Sabine Field.

Racer will then run down to the Soccer field beneath Sabine Field and be handed a replica grenade. Racer will attempt to toss this grenade in the 4x4 box obstacle. If the racer misses the box, racer will have to do 10 burpees. If player is in a group, while one player is throwing the grenade the others will be in the front leaning rest.

Racer will then run across the allowed train tracks to the Practice Soccer field and conduct flying burpees for 50m.

Racer will then drag a sled with two sandbags 100m down the practice soccer field and back. If racer has a group, two of them will switch alternatively while the other two perform burpees until they finish.

Once at the end of Practice Soccer Field, racer will pick up a sandbag and sprint the length of the Practice Soccer Field and back, dropping off the sandbag for the next group. If in team of four, two people will run down with a sandbag each to one end, drop it, and have the other two racers sprint it back.

Racer will conduct a 50m low crawl down towards Worm Pits at the end of the Practice Soccer Field.

Racer will conduct a 50m high crawl down towards Worm Pits on the same path.

Racer will navigate through water filled worm-pits prior to entering the Dog River. If worm-pits are not filled, they will do worm-pit sprints down and back, low hurdling each crevice.

Racer will now enter Dog River and continue down-stream.

Racer will exit Dog River via Practice Soccer Field.

As soon as racer exits Dog River, racer will run back across railroad tracks alongside Shapiro Fieldhouse facing the National Guard Armory.

On the edge of the Shapiro Fieldhouse will be rail road ties. Racer will have to end-over-end flip a railroad tie three times. If racer is in a group they can alternatively switch out while the other racers perform pushups until the obstacle is completed.

Racer will continue up the road towards the National Guard Armory to the Pull-up bars. Racer will perform 10 pull-ups. If racer cannot perform a pull-up, they will replace each pull-up with 2 push-ups.

Racer will continue running through National Guard Armory Parking lot up small dirt hill to the Marine Obstacle-Course. Racers will Low hurdle over the small log, low crawl under the combination. Climb over the Marine Corps wall (if racer cannot make it over, substitute with 10 burpees), high crawl under belly-buster, and finally navigate through the high hurdle obstacles.

Racer will continue racing behind the O-course to Machine Gun Hill. Racer will pick up two ammo-cans, sprint up the hill, and back down. If in team of 4, two racers will go up the hill with ammo-cans while the other two perform 10 push-ups.

Racers will make their way back to the opposite side of the Marine Obstacle Course and navigate through the step-over, leg over leg obstacle.

Racer will go up hill exiting Marine Corps Obstacle Course and head down to the basketball courts where they will conduct Water Can Resupply. Racer will carry a Water Jug in each hand and complete a lap around the Basketball Court. If in team of 4, each member will carry one Jug.

Racer will then run towards the Upper Parade Ground and pick up a Stretcher or Sand Bag located Goodyear and Wilson hall leading up to the UP. If racer is alone they will run a complete lap around the UP with a sandbag. If racer is in a group, one person will lay on the stretcher while the other two racers carry the stretcher a complete lap around the UP. The remaining racer will be running alongside his or her teammates. Racers will be allowed to switch out roles.

Racer will run down towards the WCC where the race was commenced and finish.


Other Info

• 2017 race registration is open.

Registration Information.

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