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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Alexander City

_ The The 2018 Lake Martin 100:

The Lake Martin 100 was designed from the ground up to be the perfect step-up from a 50K to a 50 mile or from a 50 mile to your first 100 mile trial race. Our goal is your success. We promise to do everything in our power to help you accomplish your ultra goal, whether that goal is to run your first ultra, the 27 Mile Fun Run, or to break 21 hours in the 100. We also pledge to make your race experience Fun! The race will be hard. All those beautiful hills become steeper and longer with each successive lap. Those gentle carriage paths become very long about mile 80. But if you have put in enough training miles, we will encourage you, push you, help you, and even yell at you if necessary, to get you to the end. We might even let you rest occasionally. If you are ready, you can do it. 

For experienced 100 mile runners the lake Martin 100 is no “Walk in the Park.” My Garmin 910 GPS watch shows almost 14,000 feet of elevation gain. Probably the true elevation gain is more like 13,000 but regardless, the course is very hilly. There are virtually no sections that could be called flat. There are also no big climbs and no technical sections at all. Almost all of the hills range from 50 to 100 feet of elevation gain but those small hills are relentless. For those of you that alternate walking and running, you will not need to time the cycles. The hills will tell you when to walk and when to run. The Lake Martin 100 Official Cutoff is 32 Hours. The 50 Mile and 27 Mile Cutoffs are16 Hours. Actually, we don't enforce any cutoffs at the Lake Martin 100. If you need 20 hours to reach the 50 mile mark, you are a finisher. Same with the 27 Mile. Also, if you register for the 100 or 50 and have to drop down, you are still a finisher if you cover at least 27 miles. (Exception, You MUST be off the trails before sunset Sunday. That's a Russell Land's Rule)

Start and Finish Location: The race starts at the Cabin, Located in Russell Crossroads. This is also the location of the Cabin Aid Station:
Address: Russell Crossroads, 288 Stables Loop, Alexander City, AL 35010. GPS coordinates are: 32.763937, -85.945281

Registration at Ultrasignup: Registration Opens August 1st 
1st Price Increase - February 1, 2018: Entry fees will increase so sign up early.
2nd Price Increase - March 1, 2018: Final Entry fees increase.


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