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2018 Combat Cancer Jubilee Run...

  • 8K Run :- Run 5 Miles
  • 1 Mile Walk :- 1 Mile Walk
Saturday, May 19, 2018

_ The 2018 40th Annual Combat Cancer Jubilee Run:

Montgomery boasts a close-knit running community. Earlier this year, when one of their own - Peggy McLendon Lanier - died of colon cancer, the running community grieved the loss of a great runner, friend and encourager.

“Peggy ran out of happiness, out of curiosity, out of excitement and out of the pure love of life and all that God gave us in the world,” said Margy Darneille, one of Peggy’s best friends. “This passion was a gift to those who knew her and benefitted from her running - from those she mentored to the ones she taught and encouraged. Peggy defined running and helped to shape the running community.”

This local running community has also taken action to honor Lanier’s memory during the Capital City’s most historic race, which is dedicated to fighting back against cancer.

When runners walk to the starting line of the 2018 Combat Cancer Jubilee Run’s 1-mile event, they’ll be participating in the Peggy McLendon Lanier Memorial Mile.

“Peggy was an inspiration to so many runners in this area,” said Kathy Wood, Combat Cancer Jubilee Run coordinator. “The 2018 run marks the 40th anniversary for this event, and we wanted to make sure participants still feel Peggy’s encouragement as we name the 1-mile event after her.”

Fundraising for the race benefits the American Cancer Society, which is dedicated to funding cancer research, supporting cancer patients and sharing expert information. The Combat Cancer Foundation, which hosts the run, donated over $20,000 to ACS in 2017.

The Combat Cancer Jubilee Run isn’t until May 19, 2018, but event organizers are gearing up early for the 40th anniversary. There will be a special sign up day Aug. 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the amphitheater in downtown Montgomery during the Dragonboat races. Runners who sign up to participate in the 8K will receive a $10 discount on registration for the Peggy McLendon Lanier Memorial Mile. Regular cost for the 1-mile run registration is $20.

Find more information about the run at Facebook.com/JubileeRun. For volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, contact Wood at (334) 558-6587.


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