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2018 Hotter N Hell Trail Race...

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

_ The 2018 Hotter N Hell Trail Race:

The Hotter 'N Hell Trail Race is a points race in the Trail Runner Magazine "Trophy Series."
The Course: Not only will the course be significantly harder than previous races, it will be hot. The race will start at the Lakeside Pavilion. After a short loop around the park road to spread things out, runners will head up the Red Bike Trail. Follow the bike trail up Mr. Toad, Johnson Mountain and Bump to Blood Rock. Just above Blood Rock, turn right onto the Green/Red Connector Trail which cuts over to the Peavine Falls Road. We will have an aid station setup at mile 4.97 located at the scenic overlook off the Peavine Falls road. Runners will leave the aid station and climb to the top of the ridge on Double Oak Mtn and switch to the green trail for a few hundred yards to the Peavine Falls parking lot. Cross the lot and head down the White Trail to the falls. Take the trail down to the lower falls. Be careful here, the climb down into the gorge is steep. A fall here could cause serious injury. There will be a rope set from the top to the bottom of the gorge. You can use this direct route or use switchbacks to your right if you prefer. Cross over Lower Peavine Creek below the falls and climb out of the Peavine Falls Gorge on the west side. At the top of the hill, go left on the Blue Trail down to Upper Peavine Creek, cross the foot bridge to the intersection with the White Trail and turn right. Follow the white trail a short distance to the Green/White connector. Take a sharp left up the G/W Connector on the short but steep climb to the ridge crest. Turn right on the Green Trail. Follow the Green Trail along the ridge, then down the west side of the ridge to the Red bike road. Cross the gravel road and continue down the hill still on the Green Trail. Climb over one small hill and then up to the top of the second hill. Turn right on the trail leading over to the treetop trail (Trail to Alabama Wildlife Center) then down to the bottom and return to the start along the Green/Yellow connector. Use caution crossing Peavine Falls Road.


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