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2018 ButteAthlon ::

  • Fun Run :- Fun Run
  • ButteAthlon:- ButteAthlon
Friday, June 22, 2018
Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm
4350 S Bodenburg Lp Rd

_ The 2018 ButteAthlon:


Do you love wide open spaces? What about a good challenge? Try something new and come join us for the second annual 'ButteAthlon' in the Butte area of Palmer, Alaska. This triathlon starts at Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm and takes in the breathtaking views of Pioneer Peak, Knik Glacier, local farmlands and don't forget the fresh country air! There is nothing traditional about this triathlon as it includes a Run/Climb/Bike in one of Alaska's most scenic areas. Run from Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm to the Butte for an exciting climb with views at the top of the whole Mat Su valley. Run back to the farm and start the bike portion of the race  with not one, but two turns around Bodenburg Loop for a finish at Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm. Premium bags for each participant. Registration is limited to 125 people, so don't wait; sign up now!

-Run: approx. 6 miles

-Climb: approx. 3 miles

-Bike: approx. 14 miles


Farm Family Fun Run

Do you love the idea of a race or being outdoors but maybe a triathlon is a little out of reach for you this year? Don't worry, we have just the adventure for you! Come join us at Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm under the shadow of Pioneer Peak for a 5K Farm Fun Run (or walk, or stroll). Adventurers of all ages can enjoy this full scale tour of our farm while getting a little exercise too. We promise the views won't disappoint. Proceeds will fund local scholarships for graduating High School Seniors. 

*Prepare for weather. Children and all-terrain strollers are welcome; however, standard 'city slicker' strollers may have a hard time on farm terrain.*



Event details and schedule


2018 ButteAthlon Schedule & Information

Event starting times are as follows:

Farm Fun Run-June 22, 2018

  • Start time 7:00PM

Triathlon-June 23, 2018

  • Start time 8:00AM

Bib Pick-up Times- **Please Note-there will be NO race day pickups*

  • Thursday, June 21st: 5-7 PM
  • Friday, June 22nd: 4-6 PM

ButteAthlon Rules & Regulations




  • Adult participants (13 and over) shall not accept assistance of any kind (such as food, drink, equipment, pacing or bike handling) from any person except a race official. If assistance knowingly occurs, up to and including disqualification may be deemed appropriate by the Race Director.
  • No transferring of bib numbers from one race participant to another.
  • All participants must display their race number at all times. Racers are responsible for making sure the timers are aware of their number.
  • Racers must wear their bib on the upper chest area
  • It is your responsibility to know the course and transition areas
  • No headphones allowed while racing.
  • All racers will begin at the same time. Three Divisions will be made for race times. Men, women and children (12 and under).
  • All participants MUST stay on trails and follow the designated race trail markings. Where a bike path is available, all bikers MUST use the bike path.
  • Bike staging area closes at 7:30 AM SHARP!!!   All participant bikes must be in the bike staging area by 7:30 AM on race day. NO ONE will be permitted into the bike staging area after 7:30 AM for any reason until the bike transition portion of the race. If bikes are not in bike staging areas before 7:30 AM, participants will be disqualified.  
  • Participants must follow the rules of the road. Runners run against traffic, bikers ride with traffic, etc.
  • Race course is on public access land. Please be courteous of other non-race participants and yield to public, foot or vehicle traffic.  




Main Parking Lot may be accessed through the event parking driveway into Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm. This is a dirt parking lot. This entrance will share the "bike out" lane coming from the transition area. The driveway will be flagged to separate bikers and cars. There will be traffic control flaggers at both the top and the bottom of this entrance. IT MAY BE ONE WAY TRAFFIC, so do not enter without permission from a traffic controller. This parking lot is available all day, but arriving and departing may be slow. Be patient! 




The ButteAthlon Triathlon could not happen without the support and hours that our volunteers give.  

Racer volunteers are an important part of our efforts to put on a fun, safe event. Please be respectful of the authority of our volunteers and follow any instructions they may give. If at any time there is any abuse, discourteousness or disrespect to our volunteers, up to and including disqualification may be deemed appropriate by the Race Director.


For Volunteer opportunities please contact Trisha Beames at [email protected] or by calling 907-982-4110.



• Please leave dogs and other pets at home. No animals are allowed on Pyrah’s Farm.

• Label all of your gear with your name and/or race number.


• Race begins PROMPTLY at 8:00 AM. All participants must be at the Start Line, ready to race by 7:50 AM for a pre-race briefing.

Awards ceremony will take place after the event near the finish area starting at approximately 11:00 AM, weather permitting.






We will be using a good old-fashioned timing system. Timing system will be a running clock (start and stop time only). Individual transitions will not be timed separately. Please be patient with us as your times are recorded. Official results will be posted within 24 hours of the conclusion of the race at activeendurance.com.


All participants will begin at the same time. Race officials will be posted along the course to ensure completion of each leg of race by participants.





• Bike drop off begins race morning at 6:30 AM. There is no drop off prior to that time. ALL bikes must be in the bike area by 7:30 AM SHARP!

• ALL riders must wear an ANSI or SNELL–approved helmet (with chin strap buckled) whenever on a bike, even during warm up (including when transporting bike to and from your vehicle.)


• Bike course consists of one out and back section. TWO turns around Bodenburg Loop must be completed before finishing the course. Race officials will keep track of each lap around Bodenburg.

• Course map may be found at pppfarm.net and activeendurance.com.

• You are responsible for knowing the bike course. We will mark any potentially confusing intersections with traffic cones and signage.

All participants must provide their own bike stand.



• No drafting. You must stay at least 30’ behind the bike in front of you. When passing, move to the left when you get within 30’ and pass safely.

• NO riding two abreast.

• You are solely responsible for ensuring your bike is in safe mechanical condition.

• Do not get on your bike in the transition area. Walk/run your bike through the transition area to the “mount” line before getting on your bike.

• When returning back to the Finish Line, you may be asked to get off of your bike at the “dismount” line and walk/run your bike through the finish line. This will be specified at pre-race briefing. 

• OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS! This is not a closed course. You will be sharing the road with traffic. Pay attention!

• There are two water stations along the bike course. There will be a garbage can a short distance up from the water station. Please do your best to get your cup in the garbage can!

• There are restrooms at Pyrah’s Farm which is the transition area into the bike portion of the race.




• All adult participants must run or walk the entire course. There will be volunteers and signage to help direct you.

• Wear your bib in the front. Make sure your bib number is visible to the timers when you finish. 

• Run course exits out the event parking lot of Pyrah’s Farm. Exit the parking lot and turn left onto Bodenburg Loop. Follow Bodenburg Loop to Motherhead Drive. Turn Right at Mothershead Drive and proceed to the Butte Trailhead. Hike/run up Mothershead Trailhead of the Butte to the top. Follow all race directional flags descending The Butte to the bottom of the trail ending at the, Reindeer Farm” parking lot of The Butte. At the dirt parking lot, turn Right onto Bodenburg Loop and run back to Pyrah’s Farm. This is an out and back course. 

• There will be two water stations at the ascent and descent of the hike leg of The Butte as well as at the transition station.  

• There is one restroom in the parking lot of the Mothershead side of The Butte, and restrooms at Pyrah’s Farm.




• T1 will reference transition from run-to-ascent of hike up The Butte. T2 will refer to transition from hike-to-run at the descent of Butte. T3 will refer to the transition of run-to-bike.

• The START line, FINISH line and T3 are the same “active” transition areas; we appreciate your help in keeping alert at all times when setting up and removing gear in this area. 

• Only racers are allowed in the transition areas. If you have fans, please ask them to view from outside the transition areas. The best spectator viewing areas are at the Finish Line at Pyrah’s Farm.

  • Spectators MAY NOT view from the road and will be asked to wait in spectator viewing areas at the finish line. Please help us keep your fans safe and share the rules with them!


• Bike drop off begins morning of the race any time after 6:30 AM. Bike staging area will be closed at 7:30 AM SHARP.

• There are assigned spaces in the transition area. You are responsible for providing your own bike stand. There will NOT be bike hanging racks. Stay within your own space and do not intrude on other’s space.


• Please stay alert at all times while in the transition area as it will be active with racers coming in and out. Please use the designated exits for removing gear to prevent injury to other active racers in transition. 


• Only racers are allowed in the transition area. 

• Please do not loiter in the transition area and watch for racers still competing. Spectators must move to the viewing area along the Finish Line.







• There will be unofficial results at the finish area. A tent will be set up with times being entered into the computer. Please be courteous of timing staff and allow them to do their job, uninterrupted.

• Unofficial results will be posted on the pppfarm.net website within a few hours of the conclusion of the event.  

• Please be courteous, respectful and patient as we enter race times.  

• Official results will be posted on the Active Endurance and Pyrah’s Farm official websites within 24 hours of the conclusion of the race.

• Awards will be presented at approximately 11:00 AM the day of the event, weather permitting.





• There will be a photographer along the course who will have photos available for purchase. 

• Links to the photos will be sent following the event and posted at pppfarm.net or Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm Facebook page.




Official race bib transfer policy: No participant may transfer his/her entry slot/bib number to another individual. If an individual is found to have raced under someone else's name or bib number, that person will be disqualified and risk being banned from future Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm events.






Planning and developing an athletic event that ensures adequate support and supplies for participants is difficult. We rely on the registration information to provide us with an accurate participant count. Because this is vital to the success of our events, there will be no refunds once a registration has been processed


Looking forward to a great race!



Your Race Director,

Trisha Beames 






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