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Middle Georgia Distance Challenge 10K, 5K, 1M

  • Middle Georgia Distance Challenge 1M:- Run 1 Mile
  • Middle Georgia Distance Challenge 5K:- Run 3.1 Miles
  • Middle Georgia Distance Challenge 10K:- Run 6.2 Miles
Saturday, November 5, 2011
Start Time
8:00 AM
Entry Fee
Full 'Challenge': $30 Individual 5K & 10K Races $17 (USD)
LH Thomson Factory
Runners willing to accept the "Challenge" will compete in a 10K Road Race, 1 Mile run, and 5K Trail Race, with the best overall performance winning the "Challenge." All participants are welcome, both full "Challenge" competitors, as well as those who only want to participate in a single race. The 10K will be a great chance to get that elusive PR, while the 5K will be tons of fun getting dirty in the woods!
What is the "Challenge?"1The Middle Georgia Distance Challenge is an attempt to find and reward the best all around distance runner(s) in the area. Runners willing to accept the "Challenge" will compete in a 10K Road Race, 1 Mile run, and 5K Trail Race over the course of a day, with the best overall performance winning the "Challenge." Runners can register for the full Challenge or the 10K/5K races individually.Individual Race Times210K Road Race8AM / 1 Mile Standard Run10AM / 5K Trail Race3PM (NOTE THE PM)Macon Tracks3This race is part of the Macon Tracks Piedmont Sports Medicine All Star Race Series. Runners will receive series points for participation in the 5K and 10K events, Macon Tracks members will recieve $1 off single registration and $2 off Full Challenge Registration.T-Shirts4T-Shirts will be available only to those who pre-register by October 28, 2011. There is no "late" registration fee, but be advised that late registrants, including race day registrants, will not recieve a t-shirt.Participant Limit5Due to the difficult and narrow nature of the trails on which the 5K will take place, there will be 150 runner limit for the 5K Trail Race. Pre-Registration and/or Online Registration are strongly encouraged to ensure your spot in the race, especially if you intend to participate in the full "Challenge" event. The 10K Road Race will not have a participant limit.MID GA Distance Challenge Scoring6Each runners 10K Road Race and 5K Trail Race times will be added together. The 1 mile run will be optional, but for every second run below the time Standard of 10:00 minutes, one second will be subtracted from your cumulative 5K and 10K times. The runner with the lowest total time will be the winner of the Challenge. Tie-break-If two runners finish the challenge with the same time, their 5K and 10K placing will be added together "cross country style" with the lowest total winning.Condensed Scoring Formula7(For Engineers and Mathematicians:) Total Time = 10K time + 5K time ((optional)10:00-1 Mile time)Example of Scoring8Example: Runner A runs a 45:00 10K, 6:00 mile, and 20:00 5K. Runner As total time would be 61:00, or 1 hour 1:00 minutes (45 mins plus 20 mins, minus the 4 mins under the standard in the mile). Runner B runs a 42:00 10K, skips the mile, and runs a 19:30 5k. Runner Bs total time would simply be the sum of the 10K and 5K times: 61:30, or 1 hour 1:30 minutes. Runner A wins the challengeAwards9Awards will be given to the top ten male and female finishers of the full "Challenge." There will also be awards for overall winners in the individual 5K and 10K races, and there will be medals for the top three in each age group (Standard 5 yr age groups starting w/ 10 & Under, 10-14, etc.)Online Registration10There are 3 Registration Options: Full Challenge, 10K Road Race, and 5K Trail Race. If entering the Full Challenge, please choose that registration option, rather than registering for each race individually.10K and 5K Course Map11A map of the courses is located on the race website at: www.middlegadistancechallenge.blogspot.comQuestions?12Email - [email protected]


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