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The Goruck Challenge - Dover - Dec. 3 (1 AM), Dec. 4 (1 AM)

  • The Goruck Challenge:- Run 18 - 20 Miles
Saturday, December 3, 2011
Start Time
1:00 PM
Entry Fee
$120 before 6/5, $140 from 6/5 to 10/8, $160 from 10/9 until Challenge start time. $10 of every entry fee goes to benefit the Green Beret Foundation (USD)
TBA location will be e-mailed out the WEEK OF the Challenge and posted online
15-20 miles. 20 pounds of bricks in your GORUCK bag. Don't expect to know the route, but expect to take in the best of a city. The miles don't disappear on their own, and 8 to 10 hours can feel like a lifetime. Welcome to our version of good livin.
More info1Inspired by the most elite training offered to Special Forces soldiers, the GORUCK Challenge is a team event and NOT a race. Routes showcase the best of every city we visit and allow the GORUCK Challenge cadre to test each Challenge takers teamwork skills and ability to persevere under conditions of mental and physical exhaustion. Classes are small (max 30), camaraderie is high, smiles are always plentiful, and teamwork is paramount.Here's the deal2Everyone will run the Challenge with a GORUCK backpack. You have a few options regarding which bag you get to use.Option 13Those eager to take a brand new GORUCK bag through the Challenge and break it in yourself can pre-purchase the bag of their choice at 30% off retail when registering online. This discount applies ONLY to the bag, not the registration fee. Your new bag will be waiting for you at the starting point. It will NOT be delivered to you prior to the Challenge. You may also pre-purchase a TAC Hat for $20. It also will not be shipped prior.Option 24You can choose from the bags available at the start of the Challenge. Some may be new, some may be already distressed from past Challenges. Unless you pre-purchase the bag of your choosing, we cannot guarantee that you will get to use your preferred bag.Option 35Not surprisingly, weve seen some pretty strong emotional attachments develop between Challenge takers and the bags they use on this epic adventure. If you did not pre-purchase a bag but end up wanting to take a Challenge bag home with you, you can take your distressed bag for 20% off. We'll bill you when you get home. For one week after the event, you will be eligible for 15% off a brand new bag. The promo-code for the discount will be emailed to your class the Monday after your Challenge.NOTE6The purchase of a GORUCK bag is NOT mandatory though they are central to the experience of each Challenge taker. Bags that are not purchased are re-used in future Challenges.Who is the Challenge for?7Its not for everyone, but successful Challenge takers include a broad range of adventure seekers. If you have serious concerns or need much more information on how to prepare, its probably not for you. Our aim is for everyone who takes on the Challenge to finish, but we will not talk you into signing up. The obstacles you face are all mental, so those who do the best come with some physical base and a positive mindset.In legal speak8The GORUCK Challenge is not for reasonable people. It is an unreasonable undertaking in terms of the risk you are assuming. While past injuries have been at a minimum, physical strains are extreme and you will have to sign a death waiver prior to beginning the Challenge.***9Additional details are NOT forthcoming. The distance, events, and time to completion are at the discretion of the cadre. The ultimate test is mental, but physical demands are extreme and the Challenge is not for everyone. Those who make it share a bond well earned. You simply have to experience it for yourself.


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