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2021 Run Under The Stars Paducah...

  • 10 Hour Run:- 10 Hour Run
Saturday, June 12, 2021
Start Time
8:00PM EDT

_ The 2021 Run Under The Stars Paducah:

Are we going to be able to Run Under The Stars in Paducah on June 13/14?

We intend to host the event as scheduled, as long as there is no mandate against hosting it. We have the medals. We have the caps. We have the bags. Cynthia says she only needs 10 days to order, and print the shirts.

If we are forced to postpone we will do so, and anyone registered will be rolled into the 2021 event ,which will be held on the second Saturday in June.

Register at your own risk.

You know better than we do if you are in the at risk categories, or if you have someone in your household that is at risk. In these cases, please do not attend.

Take care of yourselves, and we'll see you as soon as possible.


June 13 - Carson Park Fairgrounds, 300 N. 30th Street, Paducah, KY 42001. Starts at 8PM. Ends at 06:00AM. 

1/2 mile lighted oval consisting of a dirt track covered with finely crushed limestone. This is a horse track that is used to pull those little buggies.

This is a night time run. Run, jog, walk, rest, stop and start as much as you'd like.
The objective is to see how far you can go; however, you can stop at any time if you've reached your goal or if you've had enough. 

CHIP TIMING SYSTEM will keep your distance recorded. We will display your distance continually at the timing tent. Check the monitor as you run by.
No traffic, no hills, no roots, no hard running surface.

LARGE AID STATION on the track. SWORD (www.drinksword.com) is the official hydration drink of R.U.T.S.  We have a fully stocked station, containing the normal snacks, and fruit including watermelon, cantaloupe, and bananas, plus salty items such as peanut butter pretzels, and chips. Soda, ginger ale, and coffee are available. Ice pops when it's really hot. PB&J sandwiches are a staple. We order Pizza at 10pm, bring out Grilled Cheese sandwiches around midnight, and then around 1 or 2 am, chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Lots of bacon. 

Bring your on fluids containers. We try hard to not use any cups. You can leave your container at your course-side table, or at the table at the aid station.

AMENITIES and AWARDS: Each runner (including those on relay teams) will receive a shirt, cap, drawstring bag, and a custom medal that will indicate your mileage. The top 10 m/f individuals receive a special award.

SPECIAL 100 MILE BELT BUCKLE: Anyone running 100 miles or more in the RUTS Series for 2020, (includes Paradise, Oak Ridge, Paducah, and Corydon), will receive a special belt buckle. 

$500 Cash Award M/F for Course Record: The male record is 72 miles set by Scott Breeden, and tied by Eric Hunziker. Female record is 66 miles set by Denise Bourassa. 

REASONS FOR RUNNING RUTS:  Great training venue for practice at running at night... calibrate your nighttime nutrition needs, get used to be up all night for that upcoming 100 miler (Tunnel Hill) or 24 hour venue. Perfect social running event with serious results. You can feel safe due to all the runners around you. Unlike marathons, and non-loop events, you see your friends the entire time, giving you opportunities to run or walk with some runners you'd never get to run with.
This could possibly be the course you'll set a personal best for whatever distance you run. Knowing that your vehicle is close by, you have the confidence to keep going.
On Site Parking, either in the huge parking lot, or right on the grass infield. No hotel needed. 

SET UP: Beginning any time after noon on Saturday May 18, you can set up a tent under the large shade trees in the grass infield, or alongside the course. There is plenty of room. This is a good one to bring the family to. You can stop and see them as much as you like. Encourage them to run or walk a few laps with you. They love it, and so do we. We only ask that you carry your trash out with you if at all possible. 

PACKET PICK UP: Begins at 4pm at the race site under the large grandstand. You will receive a singlet/tank top, choice of trucker cap or running cap, drawstring bag, and your race bib with the timing chip attached to the back. 

DOGS: We love dogs, however they are NOT allowed on the course as part of the race. IF you bring your dog, you will need to keep them on a leash, and out of the way of other runners, or guests. 

RELAY TEAMS - 2 or 4 persons accepted. 

The Team is given a special bib number on a quick change belt. Every member of the team also receives their own bib number. Whoever is accumulating mileage for the team must wear the Team belt with the bib on it, in addition to their individual bib number (meaning you'll wear two bibs when accumulating for the Team). Team members are allowed to run extra mileage even when not wearing the Team belt, however runners on a Team are NOT eligible for individual awards. 

Team Awards are given to the Top 5 Teams. (regardless of 2 or 4 members).

TEAM REGISTRATION PROCESS CAPTAINS: If you are setting up the team; click on the event(s) you wish to run. To the right, click on Join Relay for each event you wish to set up a team. A new box will open "Create Relay" > choose 2 or 4 person> enter a team name. Create a password if you wish (you'll need to give this password to anyone you want on your team). If you don't create a password, anyone could choose to join your team if there is a spot available. You'll be taken back to the page where you can Add Another Registrant. If you are entering other team members, click Add Another Registrant, and choose your team from the drop downs (or use the Search feature to find your team.).

If you are registering to join a team that someone has set up for you, click on the event(s) > Join Relay > Choose the team under drop downs or use the Search feature. 

Any questions, contact Steve at [email protected]


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