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2020 Rummage Run 5K/10K- A Race With A Purpose To Re-purpose...

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
  • 10K Run:- Run 6.2 Miles
Saturday, September 12, 2020
Start Time
6:45AM PDT
Jeffrey Trails Middle School
155 Visions

_ The 2020 Rummage Run 5K/10K- A Race With A Purpose To Re-purpose:

THE RUMMAGE RUN 5k/10K  Saturday, Sept 12, 2020 6:45am to 8:15am START

With the PURPOSE TO RE-PURPOSE, recycle, and reclaim our FITNESS!

The Rummage Run. Finally, a way to run a physical course... safely. Come RUN and have FUN in a tabulated competition. 

Here's how it works. You will be running on the Jeffrey Trails running path, a beautifully landscaped path built with bridges over the roads.  The 5k will be a southern loop and the 10K will add a northern loop.  A sign up sheet is attached to this website as to staggered start times.  You can sign up for staggered start times, or just show up and slip in at the start in any 10 second open slot.

 The course start timing mats begin at 6:45am.  You must start by 8:15am.  5k course must finish by 9am.  10K course finish by 9:30am. You will be running on a public path and will have a smattering of other runners, walkers, cyclists and dogs.  We must be courteous and honor the 6 feet apart distancing.  There is plenty of space to pass on this course with staggered start times.  This is a running event held like a club run. Itz About Time will CHIP time all the runners.   Before and after running , we will be  " MASKED assembled" instead of mass assembly!  .  YOU MUST WEAR A MASK before and after you run.  A mask is required when you pick up your bib and your award.  Not during running.  And watch for the X on the pavement to help stay 6 feet apart. 

BIB pick up will be race morning only. You must wear the CHIP pull tag to be timed.   You will get a chip strip to wear.  The start and finish time mats will be located at the student pick up lane in the parking lot of JEFFREY TRAILS MIDDLE SCHOOL.  155 Visions , Irvine, Ca. 92618  Please park one car space apart to give people ample space to mill.  And please honor the x marks on the pavement when standing in line to pick up your timing bib. And to RUMMAGE for your BLING.  We will have you come to the shirt tables one at a time! 

Your registration fee pays for a shirt to RUMMAGE for, a GRAB THE SWAG custom finisher medal, and the opportunity to place in your age division.  Top three overall trophies and medals three deep in 5 year age spans for both the 5k and the 10K.  PHYSICAL RUN with AWARDS AND REWARDS and a chance to tabulate times together!  

You will get to RUMMAGE through a YARD SALE OF youth, small, medium, large, xtra large, and xxlg shirts and pick a design you will like.(  Use the plastic gloves to pick one.)  You will receive your GRAB THE SWAG finisher medal when you pass the FINISH MATS.  You get to pick up off the table and adorn and reward yourself or by a family member! 

And , because...how we placed and what we did in our division has been so missing during Covid shut down times, we will tabulate all the course times and have the stats for the 5k ready by 9am and the 10k by 9:30am at the race.  You will be able to come pick up( one by one) and stand on your podium spot...solo to get a medal physically. Or, you can have the medal mailed to you by coming back to this registration site and adding on the $8 medal mail back fee.

WE MAY NOT CONGREGATE while waiting for the awards.  This is the one concern that has been preventing races from getting to happen...safely.  So, we will have the awards table between the two buildings south of the start.  Remember to put your mask back on, and politely stand 6 feet apart.  We must wait until everyone finishes to determine the true age division winners. But at least we are finally figuring out a way to time a staggered course and let us all be UP n RUNNING in a competition of age divisions!  Thank you for being patient with TOGETHER-APART and running on public paths until we can return to regular races. 

Throw your excuses in the garbage, and come TRASH yourself on a great course.  Get the chance to SEE your fellow runners.  And the chance to SEE how you rate in your age division against other runners.  Help us re-purpose bling and you re-purpose your FITNESS!

The Rummage Run is being designed to help the Goodwill and Salvation Army.  We are not sure if we will get to during Covid crisis times, but we envision this race, in the future, being able to invite the GOODWILL and SALVATION ARMY trucks.  This will give you a future chance for every one to clean out their homes and closets and gift items worth reusing to those agencies.  It also gives us a chance to have a fun competition and make use of extra shirts and medals.

If you are the themed type, be creative.  Wear old running clothes, throw backs from your history of running.  Or come wrapped in recycled bottles or tin foil!  Time to wear that shirt or shoes or socks that has all the holes in them, but is still your favorite!  Welcome to the RUMMAGE RUN.  We promise a GOOD TIME!  We could just some of those right now!  Invite your running buddies, family, and friends. 

PROCEEDS to benefit Ware in the World Foundation's. Proceeds this year will be going to Miss Pam's Ranch, a working ranch that teaches troubled youth to ride, do chores, build esteem,  and set goals. Miss Pam RUNS the ranch from a wheelchair.  This ranch is a perfect place for kids to experience connectivity with animals, learn agility and confidence, and do so at a social distanced, safe way.  All students have to stay a horse's length away from each other already as a safety rule on the ranch. Your proceeds will help  us feed the ranch animals and pay for wheelchair accessibility.  We refurbished a wheelchair with the Rodeo Run and gifted it to the ranch.  It broke right away.  We hope to buy more parts and batteries for it...and keep Miss Pam UP N RUNNING in spirit as we do so with our healthy legs!

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