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26th Meadow Brook Runs 5K & 1 Mile...

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
  • 1 Mile Run:- Run 1 Mile
Saturday, December 19, 2020
1100 Corporate Parkway

_ The 26th Meadow Brook Runs 5K & 1 Mile:

26th Annual Meadow Brook Runs
Saturday, December 19, 2020 AD
9 AM - 5K, 10 AM - 1 mile Fun Run
Walkers and pets on leash welcome.
Valley Bank, Meadow Brook Branch
1100 Corporate Parkway; Birmingham, AL 35242
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COVID-19 precautions:  As you know, the pandemic currently continues unabated.  Out of an abundance of caution and respect for the safety of all our runners, volunteers, and spectator friends, this year we will be following official Public Health pandemic guidelines and taking steps to reduce risk:


1. Our registration volunteers are experienced in working in this environment, and if guidelines are followed, the risk of participating in an outdoor fresh-air event is low.  


2. Please pre-register to reduce face to face exposure time day of race.  


While most other races have cancelled or switched to virtual, many have shown interest in maintaining continuity of our in-person 26th annual family Christmastime event.  


3. We recommend everyone wear face masks and maintain 6' distancing from other than members of their own household during registration, in the Start, Finish, and Food Service areas, and during the medals awards ceremony.  Masks may be removed and tucked into your waistband while you are running and spread out on the course.  We recommend departing as soon as possible following the race.  


4. Current medical guidance if you are not feeling well: Until proven negative for COVID-19, self-quarantine at home for 10 days from the start of symptoms.  Do not come to the race.  After 10 days you may be released from isolation if 24 hours without fever without taking fever-suppressing medication, and have improvement of other symptoms.


5. We have plans for offering tasty food items, to be served by masked and gloved volunteers.  


6. We also plan to have attractive tee shirts and ample hand sanitizer provided by Valley Bank.  


7. High quality heavy winners' medals will be provided by Your Office, and may be picked up following the race at Your Office, 4000 Eagle Point Corporate Drive in Eagle Point, 35242, phone 205.314.5700.  Results will be emailed and posted following the race.  Picking up awards at a later time will help reduce the risks of congregating.  


Valuable gift bags, amazing clowns, beautiful Love Birds release, huge and impressive US garrison flag display, and great music by our fav DJ, Bama Bill McFerrin will all be there, God willing.    


8. Many of our Sponsor businesses are having a difficult time financially.  For this reason and to avoid excessive congregating, at present we do not plan to ask Sponsors for prize drawing donations, and currently we are not planning prize drawings this year.  We will continue to honor last year's Sponsors in print on this year's Entry Form.  


If prizes are your thing, please be patient and don't get discouraged: All pandemics eventually end.  We look forward to resuming our customarily exciting prize drawing tables next year, God willing.  Let us give thanks for the life and health we have been given.


9. If the race is forced to cancel for any reason, or if you are under quarantine, registrant donors will be offered free entry to a subsequent year's race.  


So, come one, come all!  Register now, and enjoy the outdoor fun with us again this Christmas!     


May God bless and protect us,


Bob Cosby, M. D.

Family Practice & Emergency Medicine


1100 Corporate Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35242, USA

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