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2021 Cycle of Hope...

  • Century Ride:- 100 Miles
  • Metric Century Ride:- 62 Mile
  • 32 Mile Ride:- 32 Mile Ride
  • 12 Mile Ride:- 12 Mile Ride
  • Kids Run:- Kids Run
Sunday, October 24, 2021
Los Altos Hills

_ The 2021  Cycle of Hope:

What does my registration cover?

Planning a premium event like Cycle of Hope: Ride from Home is costly, and your registration fee helps us cover that cost. It means we’re able to offer you a premier experience, whether you're riding with us in-person or joining us virtually.

A portion of your registration fee also directly benefits Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley’s mission to build homes, communities, and hope across the Bay Area. Click here to learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s impact.

How do I participate virtually?

This year, we've got two great ways for you to join the Cycle of Hope community virtually? If you'd like to ride one of our standard distances – Kids, 12, 32, 62, or 100 miles – in one day, you should sign up as a Virtual Cyclist! As a virtual cyclist, you can ride a Kids' Course of your own design, create your own 12-, 32-, 62-, or 100-mile course, or even ride one of our curated courses in Silicon Valley (which will be made available through RaceJoy). Through RaceJoy, you'll be able to track your ride and submit your results with a simple click. 

Want to join us virtually but get a little more creative with your participation? Perhaps you want to choose a different distance goal, or meet your goal over multiple days. Maybe you'd like to ride your heart out on a stationary trainer. Or you'd rather walk, run, or hike for Habitat, rather than ride. If this sounds like you, then our Virtual DIY option is the one for you! Our Virtual DIY-ers might march to the beat of their own drummers, but you'll still get great swag, have the chance to earn prizes through fundraising and referrals, be able to manually submit your results, and be invited to celebrate with us virtually. 

However you participate virtually, you should complete your goal in the October 1-24th window.


I want to donate to support a participant! How can I find their fundraising page?

Thank you for supporting Cycle of Hope! You can find your favorite Cycle of Hope athlete to support by going to the Find a Participant page under the Fundraise & Refer menu!


How do I find my own fundraising page link?

Sharing your fundraising page link makes raising support for Habitat a snap! To find your link, visit your Profile, scroll down to the Fundraising section, and there you'll find your registration for Cycle of Hope. Right under your name and registration summary, you can see a link to your fundraising page.


Are there aid stations and SAG support?

If you're riding with us in-person on October 24th, you can expect SAG support, as well as aid stations every 10-15 miles, stocked with refreshments and some music to fuel you on your way. Our Metric Century and Century riders will also have an on-course meal available at one aid station along the route. Joining us virtually? You won't have aid stations and SAG support, so we recommend making sure your bike is ride-ready, checking tire pressure, lubing up your chain, and bringing along an extra tube and CO2 just in case. If you're riding a longer distance, plan your stops for hydrating and refreshments. 


Are they closed courses?

Please be advised that courses are not closed to traffic. For our curated Silicon Valley routes, we are doing our best to keep you on low-travelled roads as much as possible. If you're riding with us virtually, we suggest choosing a time and day, such as early in the morning on a Sunday, that will provide you the best and safest ride. However you ride, be sure to wear a helmet, heed the rules of the road, and keep at least your left earbud out so that you can hear ambient traffic.


Can I change courses after I've registered?

Athletes can change events. There is no charge to move down in distance, though we can’t offer to refund the difference. If you’d like to move up in distance, you will be charged the difference between your original registration fee and the current price of your new distance. You can do this on your own! Simply visit your Profile, and look under your Upcoming Events section. Find your registration, and on the right side of the summary, you'll find the option to "Manage Registration." Click through, and on the next screen, you'll see a menu option at the top of the screen to "Transfer Ride." For any issues regarding course changes, email Hilda Schmelling at [email protected].


What if I need to change my t-shirt size after I've registered?

No problem! You can access your own t-shirt preferences and change it yourself! Here's a video and tutorial to walk you through that simple process. 


I'd like to purchase a jersey or change my jersey preferences after I've registered! How do I do that?

You can easily manage your own add-ons, like purchasing additional jerseys or changing your sizing! Take a look at this step-by-step video and tutorial to learn how!


What is RaceJoy?

RaceJoy is our official ride app! If you're joining us in-person, the curated routes will be loaded into RaceJoy, and you can use it to help keep you on track, hear event messages, and get details about your progress. If you're a Virtual Cyclist, you can use RaceJoy to track your ride, or even ride one of our curated Silicon Valley courses on your own! RaceJoy will let you hear event messages and submit your results when you cross your own personal finish line! Details on RaceJoy and how to use it will be forthcoming for in-person cyclists and Virtual Cyclists, so keep an eye on your inbox as the ride period approaches!


Can I volunteer for Cycle of Hope?

Absolutely, and we'd appreciate your help! Cycle of Hope is a huge undertaking, and we need our volunteers to help us give our athletes a premium experience, up to and during the event. Click on the Volunteer menu above to learn more!


Will there be signage on course?

If you're riding with us in-person on October 24th, you can expect courses well-marked with signage, as well as direction in key places from our volunteer Course Marshals. Through RaceJoy, our official ride app, you'll also have access to course maps and directional cues. If you're riding one of our curated Silicon Valley courses as a Virtual Cyclist, you won't have the signage and Course Marshals, but you can see those maps and get directional cues through RaceJoy! However, if you're designing your own course, you'll be responsible for keeping yourself on track. Apps like Strava or Map My Ride are great for course creation and directions.


Can I do Cycle of Hope on a stationary trainer?

You sure can! If you're participating on your at-home trainer, you should sign up for the Virtual DIY option. You'll get great swag, be eligible to earn even more great goodies by fundraising or referring more participants, be invited to the Virtual Finish Line Celebration, and – most of all – help Habitat build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


I'm a Virtual DIY participant. How do I set my goal and submit my results?

Once the ride period opens on October 1st, you'll be able to set your goal and submit your activities by going to the Results section of your Profile page! During the virtual ride window of October 1-24, you'll see the option here to "Submit Virtual Results. There, you can set your personal goal, and submit one or more activities and finish times that you complete to meet that goal!


How do I get my rider packet and any earned prizes?

If you're signed up as a Virtual Cyclist or Virtual DIY-er, mailing is included in your ticket price – which means your packet, jersey purchases, and any earned prizes will get sent right to your door! If you're signed up for the in-person ride, you'll have the option to add packet mailing on for an extra fee. We'll also have a packet pickup available on October 23rd for our in-person riders. Mailings are scheduled to take place September 17, October 1, October 15, and October 29. Those receiving packet mailing will have their packets fulfilled on the next mailing date following their registration. If you've purchased jerseys and/or earned prizes for fundraising or referrals prior to a mailing date, you'll receive those along with your packet! Any additional prizes earned or purchases made between mailing dates will be tabulated and fulfilled at the subsequent mailing date.


How do I create or join a team?

Many of our riders like to take advantage of strength in numbers by forming a team. It can be a great way to encourage each other toward your goals, ride as a group, and pool your fundraising efforts! See this tutorial for more information on how to create or join a team!


Will photos be taken?

We will be doing some on-course photography for the in-person ride, as well as finish line photos. A finisher backdrop will also be available in the finish line chute, which is a fantastic opportunity for photos and selfies! Photos of the in-person event will be made available post-ride. If you're joining us as a Virtual Cyclist or Virtual DIY-er, we'd love to see your photos! Post them to social media, and be sure to tag @HabitatCycleOfHope, and use hashtag #TogetherWeRide. It's a great way to share your experience with our virtual community, and have a chance to be featured in our Virtual Finish Line Celebration!


What if the in-person event is cancelled?

Should the in-person event be cancelled for a reason out of the control of the organizers, participants will have three options: 1) transfer your registration to the virtual format for the current year, 2) support Habitat for Humanity by converting your registration fee to a tax-deductible donation, or 3) defer to the following year's Cycle of Hope event with a transfer credit of the amount paid in 2021.

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