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2021 Hot Rod 24 Hour Ultra ::

  • 24 Hour Race:- 24 Hour Race
Saturday, September 25, 2021
Start Time
8:00AM CDT
Bowling Green Hot Rods Stadium
300 E 8th Ave
Bowling Green

_ The 2021 Hot Rod 24 Hour Ultra:

Join us at the beautiful Bowling Green Hot Rods Baseball Park Saturday, September 25, 2021, for a one-of-a-kind Ultra Event. Runners have up to 24 hours to cover as many loops as they can on this .33 mile course (yep, just 3/10th of a mile) that follows the perimeter of the concourse inside the baseball park. Special activities including movies on the huge video board will keep runners entertained through the night. Expect a fun party atmosphere that will help the time and the miles go by.

Runners are allowed to sleep, eat, leave and come back, and even flat out stop running whenever they want to. Due to the rules and structure of this type of run, it simply tests one thing: How far can you push yourself and how far can you run?

Not up for the challenge by yourself? No worries, grab three friends and tackle the 24 hours together. The only requirement is someone must be running the loop at all times! 

Runner's Swag

A Unique Hot Rod Ultra Race T-shirt

A Custom Finisher's Medal

and a commemorative mini baseball bat for all runners finishing at least a 50K!

Don’t miss the super unique event!

 A Hot Rod 24 Hour Ultra Signature Baseball Bat will be given to the top runner based on miles completed in the 24 hour, 24 Relay and 12 Hour events!


The following are the rules for relay teams:

 Relay teams are comprised of 4 people.  There is no gender requirement.  They can be mixed or the same gender.  Regardless of the team make up all relay teams compete against each other.
Each runner must run at least one lap every 6 hours.  The only exception to this is if a runner gets injured.  
No pacing of relay runners is allowed (the only exception is if the entire team wishes to go on a lap together for their final loop)

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