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2021 Run For the Brand...

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
Saturday, September 18, 2021
Start Time
2:00PM EDT
Entry Fee
N3340 St Hwy M67

_ The 2021 Run For the Brand:

Run for the Brand, to support efforts to relocate wild horses. Every year the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rounds up wild horses on public lands that are a threat to the local habitat. These animals are cared for, vaccinated, and branded. The hope is to reestablish them in environments that are sustainable and give them the opportunity to survive. Many of them face death from lack of water, starvation, and infestation from parasites and predation. 

A few of these horses are selected for Makeovers, a chance for them to be handled by professional trainers and to be prepared to lead lives with humans. Nearly 50,000 wild horses and burros have been removed from public lands and are currently in holding pastures and corrals managed by the Bureau of Land Management. There are trainers that are dedicated to removing these animals from holding and placing them into homes and private care. Working with the BLM, innovative programs have been developed, that raise awareness of the issues these animals face and increase adoption of wild horses and burros. 

Naomi Rutter, at Red Pine Ranch, is one of those trainers. She has rescued mustangs to compete in these makeovers and has found loving homes for many of the mustangs from the BLM that she has trained. She uses personal finances to support these horses in the hopes to find them homes, but veterinary expenses, travel expenses, and her time are not so small personal investments into the success of these animals.

This event is designed in the hopes to support Naomi in her goal of reacclimating these animals into private ownership and productive homes.

Sign up through Runsignup to participate in this event by running, walking, jogging, or cantering. Or if you would prefer to support this cause virtually or anonymously you can contribute here also.


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