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2021 Outlaw Run 5K/15K Run-Walk ::

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
  • 15K Run:- Run 9.3 Miles
Sunday, September 12, 2021
Start Time
8:00AM CDT
Entry Fee
201 E. Fourth St.

_ The 2021 Outlaw Run 5K/15K Run-Walk:

The Outlaw Run is a 5K/15K run and walk, hosted by the Northfield Historical Society in Northfield, MN. It takes place during the Defeat of Jesse James Days Celebration the Sunday after Labor Day. Both the 5K and 15K LIVE race takes place on a certified route and results can be used to qualify for state age-group rankings. The run is the Northfield Historical Society's largest fundraiser of the year. 

History of the Run
This run was formerly the DJJD 5K/15K managed by Northfield Shares. The Northfield Historical Society became the new organizer of the run in 2020. 

Why the Outlaw Run?
On September 7, 1876, the James-Younger Gang robbed the First National Bank of Northfield.  Two Northfield men were killed. The townspeople fought the gang and ran them out of town. A posse was formed and for two weeks after the robbery, the gang was pursued. They were finally apprehended in Madelia, MN. The name of our run, the Outlaw Run, does not seek to glorify the outlaws but to remember the men who chased after the robbers when the outlaws ran from Northfield. 


About the Northfield Historical Society

The Northfield Historical Society is a 501(c)3 organization serving both local families and school children as well as visitors from across the globe. The museum provides our community with a place to reflect on its history. It provides a location for the safekeeping of items, images, and stories that will allow future generations to connect with their roots. It offers a sense of place for our present and it plays a critical role in preserving our shared experiences as we look to the future.  

The Northfield Historical Society formed in 1975 as a group of dedicated volunteers who were committed to preserving Northfield's past. They purchased the First National Bank Building, the site of the 1876 James-Younger Gang bank robbery, to serve as their museum. Over the years, they worked to purchase the entire  Scriver Building in the heart of downtown Northfield to showcase Northfield's history. Today the society still operates the museum as well as the historic bank building. Tourists from all over the world visit to see the site of the most famous bank robbery attempt in US history. They leave the museum appreciating the bravery of Northfield's citizens and the heroes who risked their lives for the town.    

Funds raised from the Outlaw Run will support educational programming, building preservation, care of collections, and general operating expenses. Visit the Northfield Historical Society's website for more information. 

Other Info

 _ Check back after race for 2021 Results at: runsignup.com 


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