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2021 Bridger Ridge Run ::

  • Bridger Ridge Run:- Bridger Ridge Run
Saturday, August 14, 2021
Start Time
7:00AM MDT
Fairy Lake Trailhead

_ The 2021 Bridger Ridge Run:

The Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run is one of the most technical trail runs in the United States.

In 2012, Runner’s World Magazine named the Ridge Run one of its top 31 trail races in the country, giving it the title of “Most Raw Exposure.” In 2013, Outside Online named the Ridge Run one of its Top 10 Bucket List trail runs in the WORLD.

The Ridge Run is 19.90 miles of brutal climbing and descending, complete with unstable footing, unpredictable weather, and, of course, miles of exposure along the ridge line of the Bridger Mountain range.


Current plan for the 2021 Ridge Run Sign-ups

Just like you we are still monitoring the Corona Virus situation closely. With the event several months away we have time on our side. Due to this, we are hopeful we will be able to have the race in 2021, but please be aware when you sign up that the event has the potential to be cancelled with minimal notice.  At a minimum we will likely have some Corona Virus Rules. If you feel you just can't handle any more rules we ask that you not sign up.  

We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming weeks and months and will do our best to communicate clearly with you as things evolve. We will take guidance from our public health institutions and keep your health and safety foremost in mind moving forward.  We will make a final decision to continue with the race as planned  by July 1st.  Please know we are committed to keeping all runners safe, and not putting others health at risk. If at any time we have to cancel the event, we will not reschedule it later in the year. However we are doing all we can to make sure we can have runners on the ridge this year. Here are the guidelines that will help you know how to participate:

  1. The Ridge Run Lottery/Selection Sign-ups will be May 9 - May 16th. Runners will be notified on May 22 and have until May 30th to complete their registration for the race.     
  2. The Ridge Run Lottery/Selection Sign-ups will be May 9 - May 16th.  
  3. All lottery participants will be notified via email on May 22 of their ridge run status.
  4. Accepted runners and lottery winners will receive a link to register for the race and have until May 30 to do so.
  5. All others will receive a link for volunteer opportunities (increase your odds for next year).
  6. July 1st will be the decision date whether to hold the race or not.
  • .At this time we are strongly recommending runners to wear a mask and social distance but our rules may have to change in order to have the race. It is possible we may have to impose strict rules in order to have the race so please be aware. 
  • THIS YEAR'S RUN IS "CUPLESS.  That means that if you want anything to drink at the Aid Stations you MUST have your own container READY.  We "MIGHT" provide some snacks at the Aid Stations but ask that you carry what you think you will need. This will depend on the pandemic situation.
  • If for ANY reason YOU have to cancel the race after sign-ups, our regular policy stands – there are NO REFUNDS for any reason.                                                  
  • If WE have to cancel the race those admitted into the race will have the option to “roll-over” their chance to run to the 2022, do a virtual Ridge Run (and get swag)(VIRTUAL OPTION WITH FOREST SERVICE AND HEALTH DEPT. APPROVAL ONLY), or donate (and get swag) . Your unused portion of the entry fee will go  directly to the Gallatin Valley Land Trust – the non-profit we donate proceeds to every year. They help provide many of the trails we run on all the time!  
  •  If you are a successful lottery applicant, the entry fee for the Ridge Run will be $90.00 plus a $6.22 administration fee. This will maintain the highest quality run possible.

Other Info

2018 - 2019 Results at: runsignup.com


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