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Sarasota Dirty Duo ~ Results

  • Sarasota Dirty Duo:- 2-Person teams race with 1 bike on a 6 mile course
  • Sarasota Dirty Duo - Runners:- 2-Person teams race over mud & obstacles on a 6 mile course
  • Sarasota Dirty Duo - Kids :- kids mini adventure run
Sunday, May 20, 2012
Start Time
8:00 AM
Celery Fields
Palmer Blvd

2012 Sarasota Dirty Duo:

  • The 7th Annual Sarasota Dirty Duo will be held at Celery Fields located about a .5 mile south of Fruitville Library on Apex Rd. Don Bickel created the local event, which has doubled in size each year.
  • 2-Person teams race with 1 bike on a 6 mile course.
  • (Runner teams race without bike).
  • Race through the grass, dirt, ditches, canals, tires, lots of mud, and Bickel Mountain.
  • New course with more mystery events.
  • Plan your strategy to run & bike alternating back and forth.
  • Free Kids race.
  • T-shirt guaranteed to pre-registered participants.
  • Course Info

    2012 Sarasota Dirty Duo Race Course:

  • This is a very unique, fun and challenging race.
  • Two-person teams compete alternating use of 1 bike on a 6 mile course (2-3 mile loops).
  • Teams will encounter various challenges on race course and both teammates must wear helmets throughout race.
  • This year we have added a runner team that competes without a bike.
  • There will also be a kids race, but kids are not eligible for awards.
  • The event begins with one team member carrying the other a distance of about 100 yards which tires the legs from the start.
  • Then, one team member heads off on the course running, the other riding the bicycle.
  • Each team determines its own strategies to get through the course, which covers about 6 miles.
  • Usually, the one on the bicycle passes the runner, drops the bike alongside the trail, and takes off on the run.
  • The runner who was passed mounts the bicycle and rides until he/she passes the running teammate, drops the bike and again takes off down the trail on the run.
  • This procedure continues through several canal crossings, with water depth from mid calf to mid thigh, and width from about 8 feet to about 20 feet.
  • There are mystery events along the course such as climb the telephone pole or travel thru the high grass.
  • Teams also have 4X4 boards to carry along with hopping down and up a hill in a potato sack.
  • The best part is watching teams run thru the football tires with heavy legs and then they crawl under the tarp, which cover the big mud pit. This is where the name dirty duo really comes in to play.
  • At the final stage, the team members must run up the hill and slide down a plastic tarp which is sprayed with dish soap so it is really slippery!
  • This is a race that you dont forget.



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