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2021 Paynes Creek MTB Takeover!...

  • Paynes Creek MTB Takeover:- Paynes Creek MTB Takeover
Saturday, November 13, 2021
Start Time
10:00AM EST
Paynes Creek Campground Road

_The 2021 Paynes Creek MTB Takeover!:

Well...here it is! The announcement that some of you have been waiting 18 months for!

For those who know, you can't wait to get back to these trails, which have been a racer favorite for years. For those who don't know, Paynes Creek offers some of the best trails that north Georgia has to offer! Trails that meander along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Hartwell in all of its unadulterated Fall beauty! And with exclusive Chainbuster racer on-site camping WITH power and water connections!

What's different about this race? First, it's only a 6 hour race! Want to do 3 hours? Great! Grab a buddy and take the first 3 hours while he/she takes the last 3 hours! Ta da! A 3 hour race!!!

Second, it's not a Southeastern Endurance Series race. This race serves two purposes...to have an abundant amount of fun and to join with your family and make memories together! Kids, it's time to grab the parent or parents who have been carting you around to practices and races all year and get them to race with you! Parents, it's time for many of you to jump on a bike and "send it"...well, sort of...it's not really that type of trail!

Additionally, a majority of the proceeds will go to benefit the 706P Dirt Devo Youth Development Team as they expand their development program into both regional and national teams. 

We can't take credit for the idea. Many months ago, our good friend Tye Warren approached us with this idea. We loved it, and have just been waiting on the right time! A beautiful fall Saturday sounds like the right time to us!

Like our typical Paynes Creek races, we will have entire campground to ourselves. You cannot make camping reservations online. They will only be available through our online registration system.  

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