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2022 Firecracker 5K - Brevard...

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
Saturday, July 2, 2022
Start Time
8:00 am
Entry Fee
The Depot park
390 Railroad Avenue
North Carolina

_ The 2022 Firecracker 5k:

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After our amazing firecracker

It’s all about the flag !

238 registered runners enjoyed perfect weather and at the start running under the big flag, set up on the fire ladder by the Brevard Fire Department. It was quite a spectacle.

The new DEPOT was the start and finish for this and all the Rotary Club of Brevard races for 2021 and beyond. It is a perfect facility for outdoor events. We have run the races; a cornhole competition and start our combined Blue Zone MOAI”S from there; we also hold our regular meetings and host meetings in conjunction with the Chamber.

We had over 30 volunteers out on the Firecracker course to direct runners and more at registration. We had support from the County; the City; the Fire & police departments; Pisgah Health Foundation; Blue Zones and Pardee, as well as a team from the HS ROTC; and water from TELCO and Absolute water Filter.

The winner got around the 3.1 mile course in just over 17 minutes.

With funds from the races in 2019 and just a little in 2020 we gave out well over $25K to a myriad of organizations; Built a futsal Soccer field for El Centro; managed the Covid 19 emergency supply procurement project; got RotaryTRAIN underway and funded with our sister club the Magic Book Bus for Rosman Middle school. The Elves program will deliver 11,00 cards to the 350 Care Home residents and we have surpassed last year with the Salvation Army, Polio and Alzheimer’s funding; and helped with crisis monies and coats and blankets.

This year, starting July 1 2021, the new Board … lead by President, Mike Dexter-Smith; Richard Zollinger, President elect for 22/3; Peter Mumola our past president on grants and grant requests – and a new schools program called “adopt a classroom”. Lindsey Caughel is secretary; Hunter Trombetta carries Youth Services and Karl Hosler is Treasurer;  Catherine Chapmen continues her work on elves with more Elf helpers delivering over 11,000 cards in the year; Fred Reidinger continues his work with the International Youth Exchange and Gordon Murray has the racing side of the ‘business’ … plan to do even more. 

Planning ahead for your Diary - Opening the El Centro soccer field - August 23rd at 5.00pm; Trash pick-up day is Sept 11 and The Blood drive is on September 25 from 1-5pm. The Flight of the Vampire is on Oct 30 at 4.00 PM with headlights and best dressed runner.

We are looking at how we can help with local Homelessness; adopting, initially 3rd grade, classrooms for $300 each; Internet access in rural areas and alleviating poverty by education. 

“My philosophy in life has been to say “yes” to a challenge and then work out how to get it done. But “if not us, then who?” is the standard I will apply”. Said President Dexter-Smith.

“It is my pleasure to welcome you, as a new member if you wish, to a new and, without question, very busy, upcoming Brevard Rotary “Community Impact year”. Our thanks to past President Peter for a hugely successful year in 2020/1. The Club is on an upward trajectory now, with new younger members joining every month.”

“We are committed to leaving it all, not on the field, but in the community”

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