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2022 Autastic Extravaganza 2nd Annual Autism Awareness Walk...

  • Autism Awareness Walk:- Autism Awareness Walk
Saturday, April 16, 2022
Start Time
2:00PM EDT
4240 West Horne Ave
North Carolina

_ The 2022 Autastic Extravaganza 2nd Annual Autism Awareness Walk:

The purpose of the 2nd Annual Autism Awareness Walk hosted by Autastic is to bring the community together to raise awareness about Autism and other developmental disorders. This event will provide resource information for the public as well as getting to know the signs and treatment for those with developmental disorders. There will be an awareness walk towards the end of the event to show that those who have Autism and the community can come together and support one another. 

Registration is Free and can be done by clicking on the sign up tab on this page.

If you wish to become a volunteer click on the volunteer tab.

If you wish to become a sponsor please click the questions tab at the bottom.

If you would like to purchase an Autastic T-Shirt after completing your registration it will give you the option to purchase a shirt on the sign-up tab. 

If you do not wish to register or cannot attend the event you can still donate by clicking on the Donate tab. . If you wish to donate under a team you can do so on your registration, it will ask you to pick a team on the donation page. If you do not wish to register for the event but would still like to donate under a team you can do so by contacting the team captain and getting the page link or you can find the team listed on the donate tab. 

If you wish to create a team click on the donate tab and then become a fundraiser and create your team page. This page will allow each team to have a separate roster of donations to keep track of how much each team has raised. Your donor must sign up to receive a registration ID number for the day of the walk.

Awards will be given for the team with the most members, and the highest donations raised.  Each team will be given a participation certificate at the end of the Event.
Each team is allowed to wear customized T-shirts or colors or they can purchase shirts for the event when they sign-up.

If you wish to register after the deadline you can do so on the day of the event at 2pm.

Day of the Event Activities

  • Face painting
  • Games
  • Vendors
  • Food and Drinks
  • Music
  • Raffled Items
Other Info

-) 2022 race registration is open • Registration Information 


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