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Runoff Runoff ~ Results?

  • Runoff Runoff Marathon:- Run 26.2 Miles
  • Runoff Runoff Half Marathon:- Run 13.1 Miles
  • Runoff Runoff 6.6K:- 6.6K
Saturday, June 4, 2022
Start Time
Entry Fee
Marathon: $75 early/$85; Half: $75 early/$85; 6k: $45 early/$55, youth $25 early/$35
P.O. Box 518

Marathon: The Runoff Runoff Marathon will begin at Ed Hargraves Park (the ballfields). The course goes south on the floodplain trail. The course continues down Airport Rd. and then turns right onto Deep Creek Rd. after crossing the Rio Grande. Runners continue on Deep Creek Rd. until HWY 149, at which point they turn left. After just one mile, runners take another left onto Middle Creek Rd. (FS 523). After 4 miles, runners stay right, remaining on Middle Creek Rd. (FS 523). Runners reach Soward Ranch and turn around. The race ends at Ed Hargraves Park (the ballfields) on the south end of Creede.   Half Marathon: The Runoff Runoff Half Marathon will start at Soward Ranch. The course follows the same trajectory as the Marathon, following Middle Creek Rd., spending one mile on Highway 149, and then turning right Deep Creek Rd. Runners will take a left on Airport Rd. at the end of Deep Creek Rd., and will follow it until the floodplain multi-use trail which brings them to the finish line at the ballfields.   6.6K: Don\'t we mean 6K? Wait, don\'t we mean a 5k?! Are we really going to make you run an extra 1.6 kilometers? YES! And there\'s a reason. You don\'t see many 6K races out there, let alone a 6.6K, so you might be wondering: why not a 5K? The Runoff Runoff started as a World Water Day event to raise awareness of local and global water issues. The distance of 6K is the average distance that people have to walk to get clean water in developing countries according to USAID. In Creede, the distance to fresh water in the Rio Grande is 6.6K. The Runoff Runoff 6.6K begins at Ed Hargraves Park (the ballfields) and follows the meandering Willow Creek floodplain trail out to the Rio Grande and back, finishing at the Ballpark. Runners, joggers, and walkers of all ages are welcome! Friendly dogs are welcome, too, but they must be kept on a leash and owners must pick up after them.

Course Info

Creede, CO is located in Mineral County. The packet pickup is located at Ed Hargraves Park, also known as the ballfields (37.844961, -106.92504). Both the Marathon and 6.6K start and finish at this location. The Half Marathon Starts at Soward Ranch (6164 Middle Creek Rd, Creede, CO 81130) and finishes at Ed Hargraves Park. Highway 149 leads into Creede.


The Runoff Runoff was started in 2010 as a way to raise awareness of local and global water issues. Since 2010, the race has grown thanks to the partnership and support of so many organizations and individuals. Through it all, the purpose of the Runoff Runoff remains the same; to educate and engage with you about three important interrelated issues: ​ 1. Legacy Mining Impacts and Water Quality 2. Water Quantity and the Connection with Downstream Communities and Ecosystems 3. Human Rights and Access to Water Worldwide We strive to preserve these glorious mountains and bubbling tributaries here at the headwaters of the Rio Grande. We take our upstream responsibility seriously, and deeply value your support in this work!   Introducing the Run to the River Challenge: This year, we are introducing a new challenge to the new 6.6K race. Participants will run to the river and bring back Rio Grande water to the finish line. Prizes will be available. How much water? Well, how much does a person drink in one day? How much can you carry? How much do you need for cooking and cleaning? More details will be coming soon.



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