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2022 Women's Epic Race at Brian Head...

  • 5.1 Mile Run:- 5.1 Mile Run
Saturday, June 25, 2022
Start Time
8:00AM MDT
Entry Fee
Brian Head Resort
329 South Highway 143
Brian Head

_ The 2022 Women's Epic Race at Brian Head:

Women's Epic was created for all levels of adventure-seeking women. It is made for every woman who wants to leave her comfort zone behind, explore the trails, and be empowered by an inspiring community of like-minded ladies. You will undoubtedly come off the mountain with more confidence and grit after completing this race!roughly a 5.1 mile climb with nearly a 1775ft vertical trek to the peak. You will cross the finish line at the top and take a victory lap down the mountain on the Brian Head Chair Lift where you will enjoy EPIC views and ride into our vendor village and after-party! 

The Brian Head course is unlike any other, and it’s all about the climb! The race will start at the base of Brian Head Resort near the Giant Steps Lodge where you will hike, jog or run your 5.1 mile ascent with roughly 1775ft vertical elevation gain. This course weaves you uphill through a variety of landscapes including thick pines, wild flowers, and open country. It’s sprinkled with flatter sections where you will be able to pick up the pace and enjoy the views. You’ll begin your ascent up Old Color Country and work your way to the Vista Hiking Trail. You’ll pass the Brian Head Lake and make your final ascent up Vista. Don’t forget to stop and view the gorgeous red rock formations from afar.

The better the views get, the closer you are to the top. When you make it to the top, you’ll cross the finish line, catch your breath, grab a snack and take a victory lap down the Giant Steps chair lift! You will be able to see the course you just conquered on your ride down, breath the fresh mountain air, and ride into the Women’s Epic after-party and vendor village where the music will be jamming and the crowd will be cheering you on as you run under the arch (we are getting chills just thinking about it)! 

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