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2022 New Years Run ?

  • Last Man Standing Race:- Last Man Standing Race
  • 2.2 Mile:- Run 2.2 Miles
Saturday, January 15, 2022
Navajo Tribal Park
Indian Rte 42
Oljato-Monument Valley

_ The 2022 New Years Run:

Last Man Standing Race & 2022 New Year’s Runs

Saturday & Sunday, January 15-16, 2022

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Welcome to Tse′ Bii’ Ndzisgaii!


The Last Man Standing event will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 15 at the hogans in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  


The 2.2 mile run will begin/end at parking area of the Lee Cly Trail at 12:00 noon.  Entry is just $15 for everyone and includes a long-sleeve cotton blend t-shirt, snacks, timing and potential age-group and overall swag awards (beanies, trucker caps, mugs, race bag, etc.)



  • Each loop will be a tad over four (4) miles on the Wildcat Trail course, beginning and ending at the hogans.
  • Each lap begins at the top of the hour, with the first lap starting at 8:00 a.m.  
  • At the beginning of each loop, there will be a heads-up given at 3, 2 and 1 minute to go before the start.  All runners must start with the bell at the top of the hour.  
  • As long as a runner completes the lap in under 60 minutes, they advance to the next round.  If they do not make the 60 minute cut-off, they will not continue to the next round.
  • The final finisher must complete a final lap under one hour after the second to final finisher has dropped or failed to make the cut.
  • There will be no aid stations on the course.  There will be light food and drink at the hogans.  There will also be fire barrels at the area.
  • Runners are allowed and encouraged to bring your own cot, chair, food and drinks or other personal items (various layers of clothes, shoes and socks) that you would like to have at the hogan start/finish area.  They may set up a cot or rest area, but must be ready to go at the top of the hour.  Tents may be set up in the hogan area, and parking for participants will be available close to the start/finish.
  • There will be minor medical care at the hogans.  A small 24-hour clinic is located five minutes from the race venue, while Kayenta has a full service medical facility, about 25 minutes from the site.



Both events take place at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  The park is located 23 miles northeast of Kayenta, Arizona and 20 miles southwest of Mexican Hat, Utah on Highway 163.  Once you get to the roundabout at the junction of the Hwy 163, the park entrance road and Gouldings road, follow signs to The View Hotel and that will take you to the entrance station and the central park area.  You may park in the main parking lot and take a 1-minute walk to the hogans.



Online registration for Last Man Standing is now open through noon on Thursday, January 13 at the NavajoYES website: www.navajoyes.org    The New Year’s Run is available online through race day and will be open at the race site, as well.



Up to one hour before the races: 7:00 a.m for Last Man Standing, and 11:00 a.m. for the New Year’s Run.



There will be a bag drop at a safe, dry location at the start/finish area near the hogans for Last Man runners.  Runners will have access to their personal bags – and their vehicles –  as they need throughout the day.


[Courses for the races are subject to change, based upon the discretion of park officials, race organizers and the weather.]

The main course will be a loop that will be just a tad more than four (4) miles, around the West Mitten, beginning and ending at the hogans of the park.  It will follow the main trail markings, and there will be some additional, reflective markings added to the route.  The first and final mile of each loop

The loop nature of the events will allow runners to have regular access to their personal kit and to course support.  The hogan area will include light food items, fluids, minor medical, fire barrels for warmth and a drop-bag area.

In all that we do, we whole-heartedly adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace ethics.  Our goal is to leave a more clean area than when we arrived.  We strive to share with our participants and volunteers this respect for our natural landscapes and our tribal parks.


All participants receive a race t-shirt and ongoing event support for as long as they are participating.  All runners who complete 24 hours will receive a special award.    The grand prize, naturally, goes to the “last man standing” – an award to both the final male and final female runner.


The race will abide by COVID guidelines as laid out by the Health Command & Operations Center.

Runners must wear a mask when picking up their race packet and when around the start/finish area.  There will be sanitizer stations throughout the race venue, and we request that all runners, spectators and volunteers practice social distancing.  There will be one minimal aid station with gels and water, to minimize risk.  We will have snack boxes to-go at the finish line, and request that runners not linger at the finish line.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


Tom (Race Director):  [email protected]

Josh (Timing / Registration): [email protected] 


2022 Results: not available ???


2021 Results at: runsignup.com 


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