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2022 Sarett Spring Stampede ~ Results

  • 5K Run/Walk:- 5K Run/Walk
  • 1 Mile Fun Run:- 1 Mile Fun Run
Saturday, April 9, 2022
2300 Benton Center Rd
Benton Harbor

_The 2022 Sarett Spring Stampede:

Sarett Spring Stampede Race Instructions

Masks:  We ask that all participants wear masks and practice social distancing before and after your race.  You do not have to wear a mask while racing or warming up.  

Packet pick-up will take place on Friday, April 8th from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the nature center building.  If no one is out in front of the main entrance to the building, please ring the doorbell next to the front door and a staff person will come out to help you.  If you are not able to pick up your packet on Friday, race packets can be picked up Saturday morning starting at 8:00 pm at the tent in the grassland parking lot.  Please remember that there is no race day registration.  Please wear a mask when picking up your race packet.  

Parking:  All parking will take place in the grassland parking lot.  We will have staff and volunteers there to direct you where to park.  Since we are using a staggered start this year and need to practice social distancing at the starting and finish area, there will be no parking available around the nature center driveway.

Bathrooms:  We will have portable toilets available in two locations on race day.  We will have 4 portable toilets in the grassland parking lot area and 3 portable toilets around the nature center driveway.  The nature center building is closed to the public, so no inside bathrooms will be available on race day.

Kids’ One Mile Fun Run: Starts at 8:30 am.  Please wear masks to the starting line.  Right before we start the race, you can remove your mask.  We will have a series of “X’s” marked at the starting line that are 6 feet apart.  We will call all the kids over to the start line, which is on the right side of the nature center driveway when facing the nature center building, a few minutes before 8:30 am.  Parents are welcome to run with their child/children.  Each child will stand on an “X”, once everyone is in place, we will start the race.  The one-mile fun run is marked with blue arrows at the corners and with orange marking paint on the ground.  We will have a golf cart follow along behind the kids to make sure no one gets lost.  The finish line is on the left side of the nature center driveway when facing the nature center building.  All kids who complete the fun run will receive a finisher ribbon after crossing the finish line.  

In-person 5k Run & Walk: We ask that runners and walkers stage in the grassy area in the center of the driveway, in front of the nature center building, or off to the left of the starting line.  When facing the nature center building, the starting line is on the right side of the driveway.  Please where masks while waiting for your coral to be called to the starting line.  We will call the first corral over to the starting line a few minutes before 9:00 am.  We will have a series of “X’s” marked 6 feet apart at the starting line.  Please stand on an “X”.  Once everyone is in place, you will have the option to remove your mask right before your corral is started.  Once the first corral is off and racing, we will call the next corral to the line.  

The course for the 5k run and walk is marked with red arrows, a dotted white line on the ground, and orange flagging tape.  Near the end of the race, the course is marked with blue arrows, the orange flagging tape, and white lines on the ground.  The course is one way and does not repeat.  With runners and walkers starting at 5-minute intervals, people may need to pass one another along the course.  Please try to stay to the right side of the trail to allow room for passing on the left.  The 5k finishes on the opposite side of the driveway from where you started.  When you come out of the woods, you will make a hard left and finish on the driveway heading towards the entrance to the driveway.  Once you finish your race, we ask that you put your mask back on before interacting with staff or volunteers.   As you exit the finish chute, we will have staff and volunteers passing out finisher medals and goodie bags.  We will not have an awards ceremony this year and no results will be posted onsite.  All results will be posted online at Sarett Spring Stampede (runsignup.com) .  After you receive your medal and goodie bag, please head back to your vehicle in the grassland parking lot.   We will have a golf cart follow along behind the runners and walkers in the last corral to make sure everyone is off the course and to help any injured participants.

Door Prizes:  We have a lot of great door prizes this year.  We will draw for door prizes prior to race day and if you win a door prize, we will put it in your race packet.

Virtual 5k Run & Walk:  You will have from Saturday, April 9th through April 17th to complete your 5K.  You can run your 5K anywhere, for example in your neighborhood, a local park, on a treadmill, etc.  I will leave the Spring Stampede race course set up Until April 19th, so you can come out and run or walk the course if you would like.  Results must be entered on runsignup.com by 10:00 pm on Sunday, April 17th.  Race t-shirts and bid numbers can be picked-up starting on Friday, April 8th from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm and then during Sarett’s business hours.  Medals can be picked up starting on April 20th-May 2nd during Sarett’s business hours.  Door prizes will be drawn in advance and if you win one, it will be included in your race packet.

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