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2022 J&J Race and Trail Running Reunion...

  • 101 Mile Run:- 101 Mile Run
  • 100KM Run:- 100KM Run
  • 42 Mile Run:- 42 Mile Run
  • 21 Mile Run:- 21 Mile Run
  • 10 Mile Run:- Run 10 Miles
  • 4 Mile Run:- Run 4 Miles
  • Kids Run:- Kids Run
Friday, March 11, 2022
Entry Fee
6424 Hackberry Rd
Rock Springs

_ The 2022 J&J Race and Trail Running Reunion:

Previously known as "Nueces Trail Run", this race has been renamed to the J&J Race and Trail Running Reunion as a way to say "thanks" to Joe and Joyce Prusaitis.  In return for what they have offered so many people who now call themselves a "trail runner", we are hosting this annual event to endlessly thank them for all their blood, sweat and tears they have poured into this rugged sport we have all fallen in love with. 
We will have 4mi, 10mi, 21mi, 42mi, 100km and 101mi races, and while people are crossing the finish line, we will have the biggest party of elite trail runners, rookie trail runners, seasoned trail runners, hikers, and all of our crews, friends, families, and new friends hanging out at one of the coolest venues in the nation.  
Your registration also gets you a free ride on the 75 foot free fall super swing!  
Check out Camp Eagle to see all the cool stuff you can do around your race.  Plan on staying the entire weekend for this event.  It's truly one you don't want to miss! 

While every racer will get some cool swag, February 14 is the deadline to get a shirt. If you register after February 14, you will get some cool Race Swag! This could be a variety of items like a trucker cap, neck gaiter, etc.  It will be a cool Swag Item!

During registration, you will select your Start Window for the Friday, Saturday or Sunday race, depending on the distance. You pick when you want to run - Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

**$10 land access fee will be collected by Camp Eagle staff upon arrival for everyone ages 4 and older.**

See TT SWAG and T-shirt Sizing Here

Click Here for Tejas Trails Policies (you really do want to know this stuff!)

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