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2022 Akhil Autism Foundation - Walk for Autism 2022 3k/5k...

  • 3K Walk:- 3K Walk
  • 5K Walk:- Run 3.1 Miles
Sunday, June 12, 2022
Start Time
9:00AM EDT
Entry Fee
Johnson park
Piscataway NJ
New Jersey

_ The 2022 Akhil Autism Foundation - Walk for Autism 2022 3k/5k:

Autism Facts:

  • Autism affects 1 in 44 children and 1 in 37 boys  and 1 in 32 in NJ.
  • There is no early medical detection or cure for Autism.
  • Autism receives less than 5% the research of many less prevalent childhood diseases.
  • Autism costs a family about $60,000 a year.
  • 80% Unemployed
  • 87% Live with parents

The financial impact of an Autism diagnosis

  • Today’s economy is rough on families around the country, but there are some who are impacted more than others. Having a child with autism is an emotional, physical, and fiscal feat.
  • The loss of one parent’s income:  Autistic children require around-the-clock care which is typically taken on by one parent while the other shoulders the burden of making a living to support the family.
  • Specialty schooling, activities and equipment:  Government operated schools offer basic FDA approved methods that are ineffective beyond their limited scope, forcing parents to invest in specialty schools, activities, and tutors which can cost several hundred dollars per month—or thousands per year.
  • Lacking health coverage:  Insurance plans exclude treatment for autism or outright refuse to cover therapies related to behavior/sensory issues because they are considered “educational” rather than medical, leaving parents to pay these exorbitant costs out-of-pocket.

Why support AAF?


  1. Our Workshops and Seminars –We identify emerging/cutting-edge treatments and therapies in the field of Autism and invite leading practitioners from all over to conduct workshops at a subsidized cost in a central location that caters to a large network of families. Furthermore we provide grants to those families that require additional financial assistance to participate in our programs.
  2. Our Efforts Overseas – We collaborate with organizations in developing countries (with much less access to the latest therapies and treatments) and sponsor workshops, clinics and programs such as “Treat-A-Child” (in India) to spread awareness on the latest innovations and techniques in the field of autism.
  3. Biomedical Initiatives –Consultation, evaluation, treatment plan and referral services by a registered nurse and physician at AAF clinics at a subsidized cost.
  4. Research Grants –Our collaboration with Rutgers University
  5. Social Skills Programs – Care For A Friend is our social skills program geared towards social acceptance of autistic children amongst their “typical” peers.


Awareness: Identify successful treatments..........................$2000.00Awareness camps in remote places in India
Educate: Online/Onsite workshops.......................................$3000.00Autism Hour: Free webinar for parents for year 
Treat: Clinics/Treat-A-Child-Campaign..................................$5000.00We select 10 Underprivileged children in India and provide 40 hrs of  FREE treatment. 
Treatments include all successful methods which are very expensive and are like a dream come true for them.
Research: Rutgers and other universities.............................$10,000.00Research to explore novel treatments and measure the efficiacy
Support: Grants for families/Social Skills program...............$5,000.00Educational workshop grants

Walking Distance and Directions: 

Start: On Johnson Drive, north of the restrooms at Grove 4, at the 5th wooden guard rail post north of walkway to Kiosk and the Restrooms.
Mile 1: On Johnson Drive, at second wooden guard rail on the right (south) side of road before turnaround at River Road and Cedar Lane
entrance to Johnson Park.
Turnaround 1: On park road at Cedar Lane entrance at the edge of electrical box 6607101 which is closest to River Road. Use line of sight to align edge of box with TA.
Mile 2: On park road at 5th wooden south of paver walkway to flagpoles in plaza on river side which is after parking lot loop.
Turnaround 2: On park road at sign post closest to Landing Lane for Historic Community of Raritan Landing sign on east side of road and 3
feet 5 inches before (south of) leading edge of white stop line in road.
Mile 3: On park road at the 11th wooden guard rail post on the river side south of the pedestrian path crossover.
Finish: On Johnson Drive, at the last wooden guard rail post on the river side which is just north of Grove 4.

Other Info

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