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2022 Fall Foliage Adventure Race...

  • 3.5 Hour Race:- 3.5 Hour Race
  • 7-Hour Race:- 7-Hour Race
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Start Time
8:30AM EDT
Entry Fee
6600 River Rd.

_ The  2022 Fall Foliage Adventure Race:

Paddle - Trek - Navigate

"The perfect mix of thinking and movement!" - Past Participant
"One of the FUNNEST things I have ever done with my family" - Past Participant

Make a team or go solo as the temperatures start cooling off and the leaves start falling and changing color during our Fall Foliage Adventure Race in and around the stunningly beautiful Mott's Run Reservoir Recreation Area. If you love being outdoors, then this is the event for you. 

To bike or not to bike, the choice is up to you ;)

For this race, we're giving you the option to take a break from biking if you want. You could trek and paddle only in the 3.5-hour race OR if you do want to bike, and want experience some of the newest most pristinely created biking trails in northern Virginia by the Fredericksburg Trails Alliance then take on the 7-hour race and experience the full run of the park. In either case you'll get to trek around the 860-acre natural area and paddle the 160-acre reservoir.

New to adventure racing? What is an adventure race? Simply put, Adventure Racing (AR) is orienteering (navigating with a map and compass) but via multiple modes of travel. Unlike your average 10K/5K, marathon or obstacle course race where there is a strict roped off race course to follow; with orienteering/AR you are given a map with marked checkpoints (CPs), and its up to you/your team to decide & navigate which route you think is most optimal and find as many checkpoints as you can within a time limit. The best teams will work together and help each other to not only go fast, but also efficiently, acquiring the most checkpoints wins (fastest time as tie-breaker).

Spectators are welcome to watch, hang out, take pictures, fish or just picnic in the park during this event but are NOT allowed to assist participants.  This is a USARA-sanctioned race

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