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2022 Defeat Myeloma ? ..

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
Sunday, June 26, 2022
Start Time
12:00 am
Entry Fee
7400 Sandpoint Way NE

_ The 2022 Defeat Myeloma:

A family friendly run/walk benefiting Fred Hutch.  We hope you’ll join us outside on Sunday, June 26, 2022 at Magnuson Park for our in-person event or from your own neighborhood.

5K or 1 mile options for our in-person event or do whatever distance is right for you for our virtual option. 

The cause hasn't changed. The need is still there. We need you. Join us in raising funds and awareness for multiple myeloma cancer research.

Pricing for Defeat Multiple Myeloma 2022:

Adult registration January  25 - February 28- $30

Adult registration March 1 - April 30 - $35

Adult registration May 1 - June 24 $40

Kids under 10 with race shirt - $15
Survivors and current patients - Free!

Virtual participants $35

All registrants will receive custom race bib, safety pins and sticker. 

**Must register by June 10 in order to receive your guaranteed shirt size. Registrations after June 10 can not be guaranteed.**

Virtual participants, sign up before June 20th to ensure your packet arrives in time.



Q: I’d love to come! Where and when?
A: Defeat Multiple Myeloma 2022 is going hybrid this year! Either choose to join us in person at Magnuson Park on June 26th at 9:30am, or virtually from wherever you like. 

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The event is free for patients and survivors of multiple myeloma! Adult registration ranges from $30-45 and kids 10 and under are just $15. Survivors are always free. 

Q: What distance can I run/walk?

A: In-person options are either a 5K or 1 mile.

Q: Will there be a time limit?

A: Nope! We are there until the last person finishes!

Q: Will there be food/water?

A: Of course! There will be a water station at the half way mark of the 5K and we will have water and snacks at the finish line.

Q: Are strollers allowed?

A: Yes! We just ask that you line up at the back of the starting area.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Yes, if they are well-behaved and on a short leash. We ask that you line up at the back of the starting area. 

Q: Where should I do my run/walk if I sign up for virtual?

A: While Defeat Multiple Myeloma is traditionally a 5K or 1 mile run/walk, it doesn’t have to be! This year find a route that is a safe place to run or walk with good sidewalks. Check out your neighborhood or visit a new one. Please follow up-to-date public health guidelines to ensure your safety. If you are signing up for in-person come to Magnuson Park and follow the well- marked route. 

Q: What if I can’t run or walk on June 26?
A: Sign up for the virtual option and run/walk whenever works for your schedule.  Make sure you share pictures on social media using #defeatmyeloma.

Q: Where should I park?

A: There are many parking lots within Magnuson Park, follow the signs to race start and look for your parking map in the pre-race email.

Q: Do you need volunteers?
A: Yes! We would love to have your help. 2022 details coming soon. 


Q: What do I get with my registration?

A: A gender specific race shirt, a custom bib, a surprise swag item, a fully supported 5K or 1 mile course, a finish line party, and knowing that 100% of your registration money is going to finding a cure. If you sign up for the virtual, your registration also includes shipping. 

Q: Where do I sign up?
A: Register here.

Q: How do I donate?
A: You can donate here.

Q: How do I create my own race team?
A: Visit our registration page, and click 'Form a Team’. 

Q: Why should I create a team?
A: Creating a team creates an added level of connection with your friends and family. As a team you can all decide to wear the same hat, create a group chat as you each walk in your neighborhoods, or send each other photos. You can also send your team emails and be notified when someone joins your team via your fundraising page.

Q: How do I join a race team?
A: First, get the name of the team you want to join then go to our registration page and click the  'Sign Up’ button. Fill in your information and clock Yes when it asks you if you wish to join a team. Search for your team name and click Join.


Q: I’m having trouble raising money. What do I do?
A: Speak with friends and family in person, send an email with links, and post on social media.

Q: I am rocking the fundraising, are there any prizes?
A: Great job, keep it up! We have some sweet prizes for you! Raise $500 and you will be invited to an exclusive party to celebrate the success of the 2021 event and kick-off the 2022 event*. Raise $1,000 and get the opportunity to help name the 2020 Defeat Multiple Myeloma Grant! Raise $2,500 and you will receive an opportunity to attend an exclusive event* and hear from Dr. Green about how fundraising fuels his research!

*Exact details regarding events will be communicated to prize winners in late Fall 2022

Q: Is there a minimum fundraising commitment to participate in Defeat Multiple Myeloma?
A: No, however we encourage you to tap into your network and fundraise to accelerate multiple myeloma research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. You can enter any fundraising goal you wish.

Q: How do I donate to Defeat Multiple Myeloma to support cancer research?
A: Donate online with your credit card. Alternatively, you can mail in donations (cash, check or credit card) using our offline donation form. Please make checks payable to Fred Hutch/Defeat. If you are donating to a specific participant (walker, runner, or sleep in for a cause aka virtual participant), be sure to include the participant and team name to whom you are donating on the check FOR/memo line.

Q: What do I do if a check is made out to me?
A: If you receive a check that is made out to you, you can endorse the check on the back to Fred Hutch/Defeat. Please do not deposit the check into your personal account and write a new check or pay via credit card. We must have the original check endorsed to Fred Hutch/Defeat for the donor to receive a tax receipt. Be sure to include the participant or team name to whom you are donating on the check FOR/memo line. Mail to:

Fred Hutch Philanthropy - Defeat 5K
1100 Fairview Ave. J5-200 
Seattle, WA 98109

Q: What do I do if a donor gives me cash?
A: Cash donations can only be accepted in-person at the Fred Hutch philanthropy office if a tax acknowledgement is required. We cannot guarantee the receipt of any cash donations sent via mail. If you receive cash and have the name and address of the donor, we will send a thank you and tax acknowledgement. If you choose to deposit the cash donation and write us a check or make a donation online, we cannot send the donor a tax acknowledgement. For your convenience, an offline donation tracking form is available, please email us.

Q: Is Defeat Multiple Myeloma 5K / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center a 501(c)3 nonprofit institution and is my donation tax-deductible?
A: Yes. Defeat Multiple Myeloma 5K is an event benefiting Fred Hutch, a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the state of Washington and accepting donations from all 50 states. Our tax ID number is 23-7156071. All donations made to Fred Hutch are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If you donate online you will receive your tax receipt instantly via email please keep it for your records. If you donate via check, the name and address appearing on the check will receive a thank you and tax acknowledgment. If you donate cash and have the name and address of the donor, we will send a thank you and tax acknowledgement. If a donation is not received directly to Fred Hutch by the donor, we cannot provide a tax acknowledgement.

Donations received via check or cash will be acknowledged via mail no later than January 31, 2023.

Q: What is the difference between an individual donation and a team donation?
A: Individual donations are made directly to the participant and count towards their fundraising goal. To make an individual donation, visit our donate page and select from participant. Use the participant search function by entering the participant’s first and last names and clicking the ‘search’ button. Scroll down to view results.

Team donations benefit the overall team. Donations made to a team can be moved to an individual participant as long as the team captain emails us. To donate to a team, use the team search function by entering the participant’s first and last names and clicking the ‘search’ button. Scroll down to view results.

Q: Do you accept matching gifts, and how are they credited towards my fundraising goal?
A: Definitely! Simply ask your HR rep or your employers matching gifts rep to submit the paperwork to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Be sure to note the matching gift is for Defeat. Once we receive the matching gift, we’ll post to your participant page. Please note the time it takes to receive the actual gift can vary depending on your company. Some companies will send the money within a couple weeks of your request, while others take months to send the money.

Check to see if your company has a matching gift program by clicking here.

Matching gifts are an easy way to increase your fundraising. Be sure to encourage your donors to submit matching gift requests to leverage your fundraising.

Q: What if someone from a foreign country wants to donate to my page?
A: They can simply donate by credit card to your personal fundraising page and just enter the amount in American dollars. Please encourage any Canadian friends to donate online instead of by check.

Q: Why direct the race proceeds to Fred Hutch?
A: We want our donors and volunteers to know with perfect confidence that their donations and time will be going to directly support multiple myeloma research. The work being done at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is on the cutting edge, moving fast, and providing great results to date. They have made it clear to us: our support helps them get new treatment options to patients faster!


Q: What is multiple myeloma?
A: Multiple myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells found in bone marrow. The disease occurs when the body makes too many abnormal plasma cells called, myeloma’s. Plasma cells are created when a type of lymphocyte called a B-cell responds to an infection. Normal plasma cells help the immune system fight disease by making antibodies (immunoglobulins) which attack and kill germs.

Q: When plasma cells become cancerous and grow out of control, they can produce a tumor called a plasmacytoma. These tumors generally develop in bone, but can also be found in other tissues. If someone has more than one plasmacytoma, they have multiple myeloma.
A: What are the symptoms of multiple myeloma?

Patients with multiple myeloma present with a number symptoms including low blood counts, bone and calcium problems, frequent infections, and kidney problems. Bone pain, anemia, fatigue and more frequent infections are all traits of multiple myeloma.

Q: What treatments exist for multiple myeloma?
A: Chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and targeted radiation therapy are the most common. However, the funds raised by events like Defeat Multiple Myeloma are supporting research into new treatments like immunotherapy using targeted T-Cells.

Q: No one I know has multiple myeloma, why should I care about this disease?
A: Despite the crippling nature of the symptoms and the fact that multiple myeloma is the second most common blood cancer, there is poor awareness, relatively little funding, and few truly effective treatments. However, in the past decade, research into multiple myeloma has progressed rapidly. The incredible advancements make us optimistic that a cure is within reach. Defeat Multiple Myeloma’s mission is to support promising, early-stage, multiple myeloma research aimed at finding a cure. However, we need the help of people like you to make that happen.

Q: Where can I find more information about multiple myeloma?
A: The Fred Hutch website is a great resource for further information about multiple myeloma and many other diseases. https://www.fredhutch.org/en/diseases/multiple-myeloma.html

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