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2022 Bare Burro Nude 5K Race & Weekend...

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
Friday, April 22, 2022
Olive Dell Ranch
26520 Keissel Road

_ The 2022 Bare Burro Nude 5K Race & Weekend:

If you've never experienced a nude 5K weekend, this is your chance.  If you've been before, you know it's three days of sun and fun and runs and relaxation.    The 13th annual Bare Burro Nude 5K weekend starts Friday April 22, with the running of the Bare Burro Nude 5K on Sunday the 24th.  Previous years have seen up to 350 registered runners and fun-lovers.   Check out the video for more details and scenes from previous years. 


You can register for the whole weekend, or just for the 5K run on Sunday.  It's up to you.  Just sign up for the run, and you'll have the option to add the full weekend package before you check out.  


Weekend events include karaoke on Friday night, lots of sports, recreation and relaxation and a One-Piece party Saturday night.  That means you're allowed One-Piece of clothing (other than shoes), so you can choose a toga, a hat, a pareo, it's up to you.  These are included in your camping weekend package.  The Naked Beer Mile Fun Run is Saturday afternoon at 3pm.  It's just $10 and includes your beer or carbonated soda.   


Sunday is the Bare Burro Nude 5K which is a challenging and technical course through the foothills above Olive Dell Ranch.  You can run the course like many of our elite athletes, or walk or jog at your own comfort level.   It's all private property and nudity is allowed anywhere anytime (and mandatory in the pool, jacuzzi and during the Beer Mile and 5K runs).  


The race is professionally timed, and awards are provided for all top finishers in each age and gender category.  This includes a pair of ultra-cool Goodr sunglasses thanks to their sponsorship of the run. 


Your privacy is important so we never share your name or details with anyone except the event organizers.   General photography is strictly prohibited and race results are published by first name and last initial only.  


As COVID policies and social distancing recommendations are always evolving, we will post details closer to the race event.  More details will be announced in mid April.


We look forward to welcoming back the hundreds of runners who have participated before, as well as greeting new guests who are ready to try something a little different, and a lot of fun.   Hope to see you there. 



Event details and schedule


Weekend Schedule

Friday April 22

8AM - gates open for anyone who has booked the full weekend package

8PM - Karaoke


Saturday April 23

3PM - Naked Beer Mile Fun Run

6PM - Special dinner from the restaurant 

8PM - One-Piece Party


Sunday April 25

8AM - Gates open for those registered for the 5K only

10:30 - 12th Annual Bare Burro Nude 5K

Noon (approx) - Awards Ceremony


You MUST be pre-registered to be admitted to Olive Dell on the Bare Burro weekend.  Your name and registration will be verified at the gate.  If you or anyone in your group is not registered, they will need to do that online before being admitted. 


Camping is open with no assigned spaces or areas.  Campsites have no power or water, although both are available in the clubhouse area, which is also the location of the restrooms and showers.  You should bring your tent, sleeping bag and any personal gear that will make you more comfortable.  Nudist etiquettte is to always sit on a towel or wrap so please keep one with you.  


The restaurant will be open all weekend for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Dinner on Saturday must be reserved in advance.  Thirst Aid will be open from mid day until late evening with cold, refreshing beverages.   


Nudity is allowed anytime, anywhere on the grounds of Olive Dell.  Nudity is mandatory in the pool, jacuzzi and in both the Beer Mile and Bare Burro 5K runs.  Late April weather is typically warm days that cool off a bit by morning.  


Participants include men and women from their teens to their 70's.   There is a large group of elite and competitive runners who participate every year, and equally large groups of recreational runners, and those who come to simply do a naked hike through the hills. 


Photography is only allowed of your immediate group with the permission of everyone in the photo.  No general photography is allowed and is grounds for immediate removal from the resort.    Event photographers take finish line photos for the Beer Mile and 5K and can provide your photos following the event for a small charge. 


More details and COVID updates will be provided in mid April, several weeks before the event.   Hope to see you there!


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