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2022 Run to the "MAX" for Mental Health...

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
  • 1 Mile Fun Walk:- 1 Mile Fun Walk
Saturday, May 14, 2022
Noccalula Fall Black Creek Trails
1500 Noccalula Road

_ The 2022 Run to the "MAX" for Mental Health:

Run to the "MAX" for Mental Health is a 5k trail run / fun walk at the Noccalula Falls Black Creek Trails in Gadsden, Al on May 14th, 2022. The run is being held to support the nonprofit organization MAXimizing Mental Health, Inc. that is named after our son Max Cochran, a young man who took his own life at age 19. Max was a beautiful, vibrant, loving, person that “lit up” the entire room every time he would walked in one. Unknown too many people, Max fought for many years to defeat his struggles with mental illness and was a very strong willed person that tried many different ways to overcome his personal battles. In the end life became more than he could endure. We want to bring awareness and remove the stigma of Mental Illness in our community, especially in our youth, and raise money so we can offer free Mental Health counseling to our community students. Awards to be presented after the race.

7:00 am - 7:50 Race Day Registration!! 8:00 am Start Time!!

NOTE: Participants can register until day of event, but must be registered by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, May7,2022 to be guaranteed a T-shirt. 

5k- Medals will be given for the highest finishers in various age groups in both female and male categories.

Run to the MAX Course Directions
Start: Short wooden fence right past the Chapel.
1.Follow the Gravel Path:

•Around the left side of the campground

•Down the switchback walkway

•Down & Across Cascade Bridge

•Up onto Black Creek Trail.

2.Turn left on Black Creek Trail and follow gravel trail past the .6 mile marker and right before the observation deck turn right (you will go through a ditch) into the trail at the woods. Take your 1st right onto Family Loop. Follow trail (you will come out into a grassy area, immediately go to your left back into the woods on the Family Loop trail.

3.Take the next Left onto Family Loop

4.When you reach the “Fork” continue on Family Loop which will be the far-left trail.(Do NOT enter Drift Mine or Whatley)

5.After a short distance you will switch off of Family Loop & onto Jeep Hill Loop without having to make any turns (Family Loop takes a hard left, DO NOT take that turn. Stay Straight)

6.Jeep Hill Loop will start a steady climb with one hard right-hand switch back near the top.

7.The trail will then curve back to the left & duck under a downed tree, continue following this trail (Rocky area, watch your foot placement) until you come out on the bald top of Jeep Hill.

8.Be sure to enjoy the view for a moment before crossing directly across to the woods on the opposite side of the hill & re-entering the trail. After a short distance turn right onto Jeep Hill Loop where a row of rock mark the right turn.Now the real fun running begins!

9.Continue following Jeep Hill Loop around as it makes a few turns & dips downhill & back up again.

10.You will come across a sign that points to the right & reads Drift Mine.

11.Take a hard right hand turn immediately followed by a hard left hand turn onto Drift Mine Trail.

12.Enjoy the fast downhill that Drift Mine (There will be a few opportunities to turn, DO NOT turn. Drift Mine will come to a sudden end at the bottom of the hill) offers until you hit the very bottom of the hill coming out onto Whatley Trail.

13.Veer to the right at the bottom, you are now on Whatley. Follow Whatley around to the right & cross a small wooden bridge.

14.Take a right hand turn after crossing the bridge & follow this trail up a gradual climb along the creek bed until you pop out on the Jeep Hill Runway.

15.Cross the wooden bridge on the runway on veer right heading towards the base of Jeep Hill.(Watch your footing as this is a rocky area)

16.When you reach the base of Jeep Hill, (make sure you go to the base of jeep hill) Whatley Trail will continue on directly to your left.

17.Continue up Whatley until you merge back onto Family Loop.

18.At the end of Family Loop turn right onto Black Creek Trail.

19.Continue on Black Creek Trail until you reach the paved Cascade Bridge Path that you came in on and turn left onto Cascade Bridge Path.

20.From there it is exactly the same way out that you came in all the way to the finish!

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