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2022 Cow Paddy Run ~ Results ::

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
  • 1K Fun Run:- Fun Run
Saturday, May 14, 2022

_ The 2022 Cow Paddy Run:

Get ready for family-friendly fun on the run at the Cow Paddy Run at Gulley Park! This is one of the oldest group races in Fayetteville and was started to promote education and active lifestyles back in the 1980s. The Spark Foundation revived this run in 2011 as part of our mission to create fun and accessible opportunities for physical activity in our community.

There’s a 5K for adults and older kids and a 1K Fun Run for the little ones. Don’t worry though, because there aren’t any real cow paddies to avoid. The name is just part of the tradition of this race, which has played a big part in developing Fayetteville’s pro-fitness, pro-fun culture over the years!  

Proceeds go to the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation and Spark’s outreach programs, both of which support innovative education projects in our local schools.

We've seen people run in full mascot costumes, coordinating team outfits, and more. Join in the fun! We moved the Cow Paddy Run back to a Saturday to accommodate runners and families outside of Fayetteville. Please join us for a full day of fun at Gulley Park in Fayetteville.

Both elementary AND middle schools in Fayetteville are eligible for the annual participation prize, and we're adding more awards! Make sure that your students, teachers, parents, alumni, friends, and family all select YOUR SCHOOL to be in the running for highest Cow Paddy Run participation.
1st Place - $2,500
2nd Place - $1,000
3rd Place - $500


We know that race fees can be prohibitive and we've dedicated to making running accessible to all. We offer scholarships through school and community running clubs and P.E. programs. Email Carey at [email protected] to find out more.

*** Please note: In order to guarantee a race t-shirt (short-sleeved cotton with winning design), you must register and select a size no later than April 19th, 2022. If you register on or after April 19th, 2022, we can no longer guarantee a race t-shirt. We will have some extra shirts available on race, but please register before April 19th 2022, to ensure your t-shirt in your desired size. ***

All proceeds benefit The Spark Foundation, a local Fayetteville nonprofit to create a positive impact in the community by providing increased access to health and fitness education and opportunities. Thank you for joining us in helping people of all ages (and paces!) build the habits for a healthy, active lifestyle. More information about The Spark Foundation, its programs, and other races can be found at www.mysparkfoundation.org.

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