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Second Annual Cason Memorial Run ::

  • 3.8 Miles Fun Run/Walk:- Fun Run
Saturday, June 11, 2022
198 Scratch Gravel Rd

_ The Second Annual Cason Memorial Run:

This will be a "Fun Run/Walk" of 3.8 miles.    Net proceeds will benefit Gibborim Studios and Soaring Wings Ranch. 

Each participant will receive a tee shirt and finishing metal (Challenge Coin).

Cason’s Story

     Cason was a boy who stood out no matter who he was around or where he was. He was just that kind of kid. A kid that seemed to be the center of attention in every room he entered. Maybe it was his bleach white blond hair or the fact that he never met a stranger because he loved people or maybe it was because he had a smile that was a big as the Grand Canyon. That smile could be seen from across any room. Cason could literally light up a room with his personality. He was also one of the toughest little boys we’ve ever seen. Cason would not back down from a challenge and did not know the word quit.  My wife and I adopted Cason on December 12, 2014. On June 11, 2020, Cason died in an ATV accident on our farm. Even though our time with him wasn’t long enough, he taught us so much. He taught us to love everyone and to cherish every single moment God gives us. Cason also taught us that it doesn’t matter what we are going through or what the outcome appears to look like we are to be “all in” until the fight is over.

     In the Bible, King David has 37 mighty men called the Gibborim. The Soulcon and Gibborim brotherhood, a global Christian men’s organization I am a part of, honored Cason as a symbolic “38th Mighty Man (Gibbor) of King David. This is so fitting of Cason and his “never quit” attitude. This race is to honor our son, Cason. The reason this race is not a typical 5K or 3.1 miles and is 3.8 miles instead is a reference to the “38th Mighty Man”. We hope you will join us either personally or virually for this race! This race is a “walk, run, or crawl” . . .  no excuses . . . please join us!

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