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2022 Burn Your Half Off Florida ~ Results

  • 5K Run:- Run 3.1 Miles
  • 10K Run:- Run 6.2 Miles
  • Half Marathon:- Run 13.1 Miles
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Start Time
6:30AM EDT
4255 SE 58th Ave

_ The 2022 Burn Your Half Off Florida, An Awesomesauce Event:

Are you team heat or team humidity? 

Either way, you're gonna sweat. You're gonna get toasty. Some people think it's crazy, or absurd, or unhealthy to run in this kind of weather. Heat, humidity, sweat, dehydration, sunshine, rain, summer in Florida could be anything...except cold. It's not gonna be cold. We promise.

We're not scared. We know how to take care of you. We like a little crazy. It keeps things interesting. It keeps things fun. It gives some of us a healthy side dish of superiority because we're not fair weather party poopers. We're party SWEATERS.

Anyway, here's the important and kind of boring (but still stuff you need to know before signing up for this) information: 

Distances offered: 5K, 10K, and half marathon.

The course will start and finish at Baseline Greenway Park, utilizing a one(ish) mile paved loop. Yes, that means 12 laps for the half marathon. To some, that sounds like not a lot of fun. To the people who know that what it really means is lots of funny signs, and twelve stops at the aid station that's stocked with things like drinks, ice, BANANA SMOOTHIES (no dairy, we just make 'em with ice so you don't have to eat hot mushy bananas), salty snacks, sunscreen, fruit, and all the other fun stuff that we put on our aid station tables, along with the cowbells and happy human crew that are ubiquitous with Awesomesauce races, will all never be more than one mile away.

Our races are super low-key and non-competitive; we'd prefer to race you vs. you, not you vs. anyone else. We like to say it's more like a family picnic with some running involved as opposed to a typical race. The pressure is off. We're here to get you to the finish line! There is a 4 hour time limit for all distances, with an optional 30 minute early start for half marathoners ONLY, giving you 4 and a half hours to finish.

Walkers are welcome! We measure the distances by DISTANCE, not by the amount of time it takes for you to cover the distance. (These races do count toward RunDisney corral placement.)

The race has a hard cap, and once it is full, it is full. Period. We don't like having big races. We can't spoil you if there are too many of you. 

Half marathoners have the option of a 30 minute early start. HALF MARATHONERS ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS. You will want a light source - flashlight, headlamp, etc. - for the early start. This will help us with social distancing as well as beating the heat. You must have your bib picked up and be ready to listen to instructions at that time. You may pick up your bib beginning at 5:30am.

Your registration fee includes entry into the race distance of your choosing, race swag, finisher medal for all distances, and our usual aid station setup including Gatorade, water, Gu, snacks and post-race food. For this race, we add some extra fun things in an attempt to keep you cool. Also, because it's kind of tough to keep certain candy from liquefying in the heat.

As always, if you are feeling good and want to go further, you just pay the difference in your distance when you finish. If you are feeling bad and need to stop, you will still get credit for the distance you cover and you'll still get a medal!

As with any other race put on by any other company, registration fees and add-on fees are final and are not refundable or transferable for any reason. When you sign up, you indicate your acceptance of this policy, which is standard in the industry. Prices are subject to change. The races will go on rain or shine, but we do not run if there is lightning or dangerous weather conditions. 

It will be HOT on race day. It will be HUMID on race day. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself in the climactic conditions. If, at any time, the race director determines that it would be unsafe for you to continue, you will be withdrawn from the race. When signing up for this race, you agree to follow ALL instructions given to you by the race director. We do give credit for distance covered, so if things don't go so well, you can change race distances mid-race to something shorter and still earn a medal and a finish time. We are here to support YOU in your goals, and to celebrate every single participant.


Making individual codes for every person who deferred or transferred a race in 2020 would take a really long time, and it's just way too labor intensive to make sense, so we have set codes for each race that we were forced to cancel last year. If you were one of the people affected (i.e. you paid for a race last year and did not attend and did not choose the virtual option, due to the pandemic), here is what you do: Register, DO NOT PAY, use the coupon code that refers to the race that you did NOT complete and did NOT choose to do virtually. You may only use this code ONCE. The code may be used for a distance equal to or shorter than the one you were originally signed up for. We WILL be checking the list to catch anyone who fraudulently uses a code, and you will NOT be permitted to participate on race day, and will be banned from all future Awesomesauce events, so we suggest you don't try any funny business. DO NOT use the codes if you were NOT signed up for these races in 2020. DO NOT use the codes if you chose to have a virtual packet mailed to you. 

If you pay for your race registration without using the code, you will NOT be refunded. Do not pay and then email us or ask us on race day for a refund because you were due a race deferral/transfer. Runsignup charges us to refund you, and it's a hefty fee that makes us lose a lot of money, so we will not do it.

Things are still VERY touch and go this year, and we do not expect all of our races to be scheduled in 2021. We are taking each state, municipality, and park one at a time and doing our very best to get as many races up and running as possible. Many factors contribute to whether or not a race can happen. If the race you want to hold out for is not open for registration, that is because we simply DO NOT KNOW if it will be happening. We don't have a crystal ball. There are a lot of things outside of our control, many people involved in making decisions as to whether races can go on. Emailing to ask isn't going to get you an answer, because if we had one, we'd post it on our website.

RUNAMOK2020 - Run Amok (Chattanooga, TN)
KOOKY2020 - Kooky Not Spooky (Chattanooga, TN)
SPOOK2020 - Spookasaurus (Orlando, FL)
MO2020 - Mo Bell (Dickson, TN)
BURNGA2020 - Burn Your Half Off Georgia (Canton, GA)
BURNORL2020 - Burn Your Half Off Orlando (Orlando, FL)
BURNKY2020 - Burn Your Half Off Kentucky (Paducah, KY)
HOT2020 - Some Like It Hot (Knoxville, TN)
BURNTN2020 - Burn Your Half Off Tennessee (Chattanooga, TN)
BURNOH2020 - Burn Your Half Off Ohio (Dayton, OH)
SSD2020 - Sweet Southern Discomfort
DAM2020 - That Dam Race (Chattanooga, TN)
UNICORN2020 - Born To Be a Unicorn (Orlando, FL)
FLAMINGLE2020 - Let's Flamingle (Ocala, FL)
RACCOON2020 - Run Raccoon Mountain (Chattanooga, TN)
WILDTHINGS22 - Wild Things (Ocala, FL)

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