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5th Annual Freedom For Fighters 5K Walk/Run ? ..

  • 5K Run/Walk:- Run 3.1 Miles
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Start Time
10:00 am
Entry Fee
Mountain Home Walking Path
East 8th Street
Mountain Home

_ The 5th Annual Freedom For Fighters 5K Walk/Run:

The Freedom for Fighters 5K Walk/Run Event is presented to Mountain Home, Idaho in honor of all who are crushed in spirit; specifically, those who carry the hidden wounds of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Depression. This event is brought to you by the Jason Barney Family and the City of Mountain Home.
Freedom for Fighters Walk/Run is unique in that all participants will have the option to fill a back pack at the start of the race with donated canned goods representing the heavy weights that those who are 'crushed in spirit' and/or wear the hidden scars of PTSD carry on a daily basis.  We ask that each participant bring their own new back pack and canned goods with messages of inspiration on them. During the race there will be certain checkpoints where participants will unload a portion of weight, one checkpoint at a time. The idea is for the participants to be completely removed of all weights at least a quarter of a mile from the finish line so that the participants may run or sprint the last leg of the race free from weight. As participants cross the finish line, they will receive a bag of flower seeds and a sharpie marker to write down the heavy burdens they desire to be released from, OR who they are running in honor of.  
The Barney Family's goal and vision is to bring freedom to all who are fighting hidden battles and to END SILENT SUFFERING. They would like to remind those who are crushed in spirit to know that they are never alone!  For that reason, proceeds will go to charitable organizations supporting veterans, first responders, abuse victims and ultimately, the construction of a healing ranch! Yes, a healing ranch!  We are believing in a greater plan to one day construct a healing ranch that will provide whole healing to the heart, soul, and mind of those who are crushed in spirit. We will reveal more as the plan unfolds.
This race will represent the freedom of letting go of the heavy baggage and the pain the world tries to put on us. As a family and a community we believe this is the best way that we can give back and show all fighters that we truly care, that they are loved, honored and never alone.

Please note:
We will still offer a limited number of back packs and canned goods at the starting line for those who are unable to purchase their own for donation. 
(*Please note that all backpack and food donations will go towards local charitable organizations.)

We are also offering a Virtual Race for those who do not feel comfortable attending the in person event!  This allows us to spread the message of hope to the world, so please share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms!
Like last year, Freedom For Fighters will provide 55 days to complete the 5K Walk/Run. This will allow us to more easily honor the CDC Guidelines and still be able to support the cause.  The Barney family is choosing the number 55 because this was their son, Jason Barney’s football/baseball number.  Jason was an Afghan war veteran who suffered from PTSD and Depression. Jason’s passing at the young age of 26 was the inspiration for Freedom For Fighters.  No one should suffer in silence!
The participants will walk/run a 5K (or 3.1 miles) at their own time, day, and location of choosing between the dates of Monday, May 30, 2022 which is Memorial Day and Saturday, July 23, 2022, equaling 55 DAYS! We are choosing to start the Walk/Run on Memorial Day as a way of honoring our veterans and families who made the ultimate sacrifice to fight for our freedom!   If you are local, you may drop off your donated backpacks and canned goods to:
Parks and Recreation
795 South 5th West Street
Mountain Home, Idaho
Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm
Once you have completed your walk/run, we are asking that you please post a picture and tag the Freedom for Fighters Facebook page so that we can celebrate in your accomplishments together.
We want to encourage our participants from years past and even this year to please share personal testimonies of how F4F has helped you to receive healing!  Your testimony may help save someone!

You may share your personal testimonies to:

You may register for the cause

May we continue to band together in faith and pursue the fight to free those crushed in spirit!
We look forward to hearts being healed in 2022 and years to come!


The Barney Family

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